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Read World Insights from KBC Bank [Webinar]

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How Its Customer Experience Evolved with Live Engagement

KBC bank had the vision to future-proof communications and increase the value of customer relationships. To support that vision, they decided to use omnichannel live engagement solutions and services from Vee24.

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In this on-demand webinar, you see the improvements they realized and notable positive business impacts including:

  • An increase in sales. 37% of all mortgage contracts and 24% of all personal loans are now handled using video chat.
  • Improvements in customer satisfaction. 84% of customers give agents a 4 or 5-star rating.
  • An increase in overall online engagements. Between 2017-2018, they saw a 67% increase.
  • Expansion of services and channels offered. KBC plans to expand live engagement to more of their service offerings and channels including mobile and kiosk support.


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Priya Iyer

Priya Iyer Board Chair and CEO, Vee24

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