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Guide to Visual Engagement: Cobrowse and Video Chat

video chat

Visual Engagement tools, such as cobrowse and video chat have emerged as powerful solutions to bridge the gap between businesses, customers and instore and online experiences. We will explore the benefits of Video Chat solution and cobrowsing solution, how they work and how businesses can leverage these tools to create a seamless and personalised experience. 

What is Cobrowse and How Does a Cobrowsing Solution Help Boost Customer Experience?

What is Cobrowse? Cobrowsing is a collaborative browsing technology that allows a customer service representative to view and interact with a customer’s web browser in real time. This shared browsing experience facilitates efficient issue resolution as agents can guide customers through online processes, troubleshoot problems, and provide personalized assistance. Live-assist communication channels such as co-browsing have much higher satisfaction ratings than asynchronous electronic channels (email, web self-service). Satisfaction ratings are: co-browse (78%). Cobrowse not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and enhances the overall support experience. 

From desktop to mobile cobrowse, customers can experience the in-person experience online. Vee24’s visual engagement solutions, offers several different modes for different usecases. For example, secure co-browsing is used for form-filling assistance; confidential information is masked to protect the customer’s private information. This particular feature is often used by the financial sector. Additionally, automotive live chat can utilize cobrowse to assist with car configurators and enhance the personalised high considered purchase experience. 

Key Benefits of Cobrowse

  1. Enhanced Customer Support: By visually guiding customers through high complexed processes, cobrowsing reduces the need for length explanations which is also further enhanced with video chat
  2. Increased Conversion Rates: This visual engagement tool is a powerful tool in the sales process, enabling agents to assist customers in completing transactions, form filling and navigating the website. 
  3. Real-time collaboration: Customers and agents can interact with the website simultaneously, fostering a collaborative environment for issue resolution.

The Ultimate Visual Engagement Tool: Video Chat

What is Video Chat? Video chat is a face-to face conversation between two or more people held over internet devices. Video has become a integral part of modern communication, and its application in business goes beyond virtual meetings. Incorporating video chat into customer interactions adds a personal touch, allowing businesses to connect with their customers on a more human level. Over 70% of shoppers say online video has helped them learn more about an product they intend to buy. From virtual consultations, virtual boutiques and to product demonstrations, video chat provides a dynamic and engaging platform for communication. 

Video chat is sometimes referred as video commerce in relation to conversational commerce. This refers to e-commerce, technology and the intersection of the two. Vee24’s live chat solution can be initiated through many formats, buttons, direct links, QR codes, and social media. Customers have the freedom to upgrade from text chat to a one-to-one video chat

visual engagement: video chat and cobrowse

Key Benefits of Video Chat

  1. Personalized Interaction: Establish a direct, face-to-face connection for a more human customer experience.
  2. Improved Sales Conversion: Boost Conversion rates by guiding customers through transactions and addressing concerns in real-time
  3. Enhanced Troubleshooting: Enable real-time collaboration, allowing customers and agents to jointly address issues for quicker resolutions

Cobrowsing and video chat, powered by Vee24, revolutionize customer support with real-time collaboration. From secure form-filling to enhancing car purchases, the benefits are substantial. Meanwhile, Vee24’s video chat transforms interactions, boosting sales and troubleshooting through seamless, human-centric connections. This guide unveils the power of these tools for a personalized and effective customer experience, making their adoption essential for business success in our evolving technological landscape.

Ready to enhance your Visual Engagement with Vee24’s video chat and cobrowse? Discover how to grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and build brand loyalty with a more personalized customer experience.