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woman wearing headphones speaking to customer through virtual consultation

Virtual Boutiques Create an Emotional Connection with Customers

woman wearing headphones speaking to customer through virtual consultation

In the 1960s, luxury boutiques began springing up in major cities around the world. London’s Bond Street was suddenly full of charming little stores that sold everything from perfumes and jewelry to men’s hats and neckties. Boutiques soon appeared in Paris and New York; they also popped up in department stores.

On the surface, these boutiques were just little stores selling luxury goods. But in fact, they were – and are – far more than that. Boutiques offer a full service, immersive experience and create an emotional, lasting relationship with shoppers. They are staffed by knowledgeable coaches and experts who love to talk about and demonstrate their products. Walking into a boutique is dazzling and exciting. It’s a chance for consumers to connect deeply with a brand.

The Virtual Boutique

The classic boutique experience can now be replicated online. Retailers of luxury and personal products are able to give their online customers the kind of full-service, highly personalized shopping experience that sets them apart from ordinary stores. And, by bringing their boutiques online, retailers can extend the brand experience through time and space connecting with their customers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Live high-definition video makes it easy for customers to connect face-to-face with a product expert who can guide them through product benefits, recommend what’s best for them, and demonstrate how the product is used. Online appointment setting allows shoppers to book an appointment with a product expert at a time that is most convenient for them. 

Brands from Clarins UK to the Watches of Switzerland Group are using the Virtual Boutique to create emotional connections and lasting relationships with their customers. 

The Virtual Boutique turns the online store from ordinary to extraordinary. See Clarins UK’s Virtual Boutique powered by Vee24.

Watch the Video

Vee24 live engagement highlights

The Virtual Boutique offers one-to-one, personalized consultations with product experts from beauty coaches to watch specialists.

With face-to-face engagement using two-way video, customers get the product that is exactly right for them.

Using high-definition video and multiple cameras, customers get an up-close, personalized demonstration of the product whether it the latest beauty product or a high-end necklace.

Gentle ‘nudges’ throughout the website build awareness of the Virtual Boutique and help to qualify customers.

Online appointment setting allows customers to book an appointment for a beauty consultation or product demonstration at a time that is most convenient for them.

Vee24’s live engagement platform allows brands to connect deeply with their customers building long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty.