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Video Chat Solution

Captivate your customers, engage more senses, provide an immersive digital experience. Video chat fills the virtual gap in today’s often impersonal online world.

Accelerate sales with our video chat solution

Connect person-to-person with customers online to replicate the great in-person experience that defines your brand. Video chat empowers your sales agents to offer personalized, consultative product and service engagements. Increase online conversions and average order value (AOV) with this immersive experience.

Supercharge sales with consultative selling

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Power your brand experience with video

Create a virtual boutique or online showroom to bring your products and services to life. With the right camera set-up, your sales agents can zoom in to highlight details such as color, texture, and craftsmanship, or demonstrate product application. They can walk a large showroom presenting a 360° product view or complementary offerings. If the customer wants to, a two-way video lets them share important details such as their living space or style.

Deepen visual engagement with cobrowsing and sharing

Guide customers through their online journey with cobrowsing, sharing, and co-form filling. Retail agents can show complementary products to accelerate the sale or help complete the online checkout process. Banking professionals can highlight investment performance numbers or help complete a loan application. Secure file transfer deepens customer engagement, too.

From virtual retailing to video banking

Our customers from retailers, to automotive manufacturers, to banks, use video chat to deliver virtual consultations, generate sales, and build lasting customer relationships.

They’re using live video to show, demonstrate, and sell products and services as diverse as diamonds rings, high-end watches, make-up and skincare, financial services, cars, and more.

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health and beauty nudge on tablet offering live help video chat

Accelerate lead qualification and increase sales

Connect live on any marketing channel such as social media and email. Nudge website visitors with compelling offers. Video chat delivers highly qualified leads and moves buyers quickly through the buying journey with a face-to-face conversation, live demonstration, and cobrowsing to dig deeper into product information.

With the “Invite a Friend” capability to seamlessly add others to a session, customers can get advice and buy-in immediately from family or friends.

Enhance your marketing efforts

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Turbocharge customer satisfaction

With more complex issues or high-value customers, human-to-human interaction addresses customer concerns faster. Increase first call resolution (FCR) and reduce average handle times (AHT). Make customers feel better supported and listened to leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Video chat solution

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Take your digital customer experience to the next level

Combine video chat with online appointment setting to let your customers connect at their convenience.

Deliver an omnichannel digital experience by connecting the virtual and in-person visit or seamlessly move the customer from a text chat to video chat, from a customer service call to a sales engagement.

Provide a better online journey

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Clarin's salesperson showing products in consultative selling video chat


24 Tips to “Wow” Customers Using Live Video Chat

Whether it be generating leads, growing brand loyalty, or increasing sales, video chat is the go-to solution for your business.

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