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Veronica’s Insurance Digitally Transform with Live Chat

Vee24 Inc. announced that Veronica’s Insurance has selected their leading AI-enabled  Customer Engagement Platform to deliver expert insurance sales and service across 36 branch locations as well as their company website.

Based in California, Veronica’s Insurance serves a large community and many of its customers prefer to visit a branch location for insurance products and advice. This coupled with customers’ desire to connect with digital technology has provided a challenge in making experts available to all customers. 

The Vee24 platform will allow subject matter experts to work from a corporate location and meet customers virtually through kiosks in branches using a live video link. Customers looking for specialist advice in branches will be directed to an in-branch kiosk, where they can speak directly with an expert, discuss insurance products, receive immediate answers to questions and view insurance products on the website alongside the expert. Experts will be able to assist the customer with filling out online forms in real-time and can build a personal relationship with the customer without traveling to a branch to meet in person.

Customers also have access to insurance experts without visiting a branch-based kiosk. A live chat facility is available from every page of Veronica’s Insurance’s website and customers can access live video chat from the comfort of their own home and from any mobile device, laptop, or PC. There’s no requirement for the customer to download an app, which is often a barrier to seamless live chat from a mobile device. 

Commenting on the new service, Raul Dominguez, COO, Veronica’s Insurance explains, “The Vee24 solution allows us to improve the availability of our subject matter experts and meet our growing customer needs. We’ll now be able to serve all 36 locations with our existing team without increasing headcount. Customers will no longer need to book and wait for an appointment at the branch. Customers benefit from the immediate availability of an expert, either via the branch kiosk or from any other location convenient for the customer. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and Vee24 will allow us to do this and meet the customer where they want to be met.”

“Veronica’s Insurance is taking the next step in its digital transformation vision with its rollout of the Vee24 platform by bringing the very best service experience to every customer”, comments Priya Iyer, CEO, Vee24. “Most live chat is offered via a website, but Veronica’s Insurance understands that many of its customers also like to visit a branch.  By offering live video chat at branch-kiosks in addition to their corporate website, Veronica’s is able to provide expert in-person advice, to any of their customers, without the cost of deploying subject matter experts to 36 locations across California.” 

Veronica’s Insurance also expects the in-branch kiosks to reduce wait time during busy periods. Customers will be offered the chance to speak to a live agent at the branch kiosk rather than wait in line during peak times to speak to branch-based personnel.

“We’re delighted to have found a solution to extend the reach of our experts and take the next step in our digital transformation vision without increasing expert staffing costs. Customers will be amazed at how easy it is to connect to an agent and have a face to face conversation from any device and any location to suit their needs,” concludes Raul Dominguez, COO, Veronica’s Insurance.


About Vee24

Vee24 is the world leader in live engagement solutions and brings a unique blend of technical know-how, customer insight, and best practices to deliver the next chapter in customer engagement.

About Veronica’s Insurance

Veronica’s Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of the California community since 2006. They have built strong relationships with the industry’s best insurance companies in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and competitive insurance programs for all your personal and business insurance needs. With over 36 branch locations, they are committed to keeping up with the rapid changing technology in order to provide the best service to their customers.