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Customer Case Study

Veronica’s Insurance Delivers Unique Customer Engagement With Live Video Chat [Case Study]

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When Veronica Gallardo went shopping for auto insurance, she found that primary support for Spanish speakers was missing from the insurance shopping experience. It was this experience that led her to build Veronica’s Insurance which has now been selling the lowest cost health, life, and auto insurance to the Hispanic market for over 25 years.

Faced with in-branch capacity and staffing challenges, the company implemented Vee24’s video chat technology via branch ‘kiosks’ to augment the in-person experience, allowing people to visit the offices, connect with virtual agents and address their needs safely and efficiently. And, the company is expanding its online digital experience using live video chat on its website.

veronicas insurance

With Vee24’s live engagement Veronica’s Insurance is:

• Connecting its virtual and in-person environments

• Optimizing staffing resources and addressing capacity issues

• Building its digital engagement strategy while remaining ‘human’

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