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Accelerate Online Sales with Live Video Chat

Drive revenue by empowering your sales team to deliver the personalized service and product advice that turns browsers into buyers. Turn your website into your biggest store, showroom, or branch.

Connect with video for person-to-person selling

Provide a personalized, consultative experience for online shoppers. High-definition video lets your sales team look the customer in the eye as well as provide 360° or up-close product views.

Face-to-face experiences increase conversion and average order value.

Captivate customers with video

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sales agent in auto dealership speaking with customer using video chat and cobrowsing accelerate online sales
Automotive Agent and Customer use Co-browse and Video Chat

Forge deeper connections with cobrowsing

Guide customers to the right product for them. Empower agents with cobrowsing and real-time collaboration to help steer customers through their journey, recommend new products, and actively assist with checkout.

Online customers receive a  great experience while decreasing cart abandonment.

Guide and advise with cobrowsing

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Giving sales teams the winning edge


Uplift in Conversions vs. Unassisted Users


Increase in Average Order Value


Reduction in Sales Cycle

Capture every sales opportunity

Replicate in-store consultations in a virtual boutique. Create a darkstore to elevate virtual selling – without walk-in distractions. Enable customers to schedule virtual or in-store appointments online. Gather customer details and integrate with your CRM so sales agents are better prepared to serve customers.

Extend your hours 24/7 with conversational AI

AI-powered chatbots expand your sales team — curating journeys, answering queries, capturing and qualifying leads, and guiding visitors through the buying journey, any time, day or night. When it’s time to transfer to a live agent, the AI-powered chatbot does so seamlessly.

General Chatbot with Welcome Message and Quick Reply Options on Mobile professional services
man holding gimble showing car to a customer

Generate leads and engage qualified buyers

Meet consumers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Engage with them live via social media, email and advertising channels. Nudge visitors to conversion with compelling offers and pass qualified leads to your sales team. Let customers invite friends and family to the conversation to help close the deal.

Partner with marketing to build brand loyalty

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Elevate the power of your sales team

Live engagement with face-to-face video chat empowers your sales team and product specialists to build the connections that drive revenue and build loyalty. Equip sales agents to excel.

Robust reporting and analytics ensures you can inspect what you expect. Performance metrics from agent activity to conversion and satisfaction scores help motivate.  Sales attribution is key to commission-based agents. Basket assist helps buyers through the payment process to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase order value.

Vee24 Reporting Dashboard on Desktop agent management
happy man smiling looking at laptop

Seamlessly connect across your business

A flawless brand experience requires seamless connections across the customer journey. Ensure customers can start with a chatbot and move to a live agent, or a customer service and move to a sales agent, or an online agent and move to an in-store product specialist.

Create a click and mortar experience with a smooth buy online, pick up in-store experience. The physical and virtual become one to provide a true omnichannel digital customer experience.

DFS Live Assistance Case Study

Case Study

DFS Brings the In-Person Furniture Buying Experience Online

DFS, Britain’s number one sofa manufacturer, is bringing the in-store experience to their customers online. With live video and cobrowsing assistance as well as online and in-store appointment scheduling, the innovative retailer is experiencing a 93% average CSAT score and a 15% increase in (AOV) with video assistance.

DFS is empowering and motivating its sales professionals with impressive results.