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Professional Services

Deploying a digital customer engagement solution successfully begins with a well-thought-out onboarding strategy, implementation design, and agent training.  We partner with you every step of the way.

Client onboarding services

The Vee24 platform is designed for easy implementation. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we listen to your requirements and right-size your onboarding experience based on your goals, staffing availability, and budget. Our services range from essential quick start for a few users, to an extended implementation for a team, to multigroup enterprise implementation.

PowerUp Graphic showing 1. Planning, 2. Configuration, 3. Training, and 4. Transition
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Support throughout your implementation

You are in good hands with an onboarding manager as a single point of contact. Vee24’s PowerUp Experience™ takes you through four steps from Planning, Configuration, Training, to Transition.  We optimize design and configuration to reflect your brand and achieve your target customer journey. Our team ensures that you benefit from best practices and have a smooth, successful launch that meets the needs of your business.

Chatbot design expertise

Chatbots are powerful but are only as good as their design. Conversational AI design is crucial to creating a great customer experience and avoiding a bad one.

Our chatbot consultants bring industry-specific expertise to help you achieve your use case objectives. Our team advises on data curation and how to optimize based on your existing information repository. We collaborate with you to extract your customer insights, build the most relevant use cases, and prove them out with the appropriate bot-guided journeys.

Our goal is simple: to allow you to engage customers anywhere, anytime with the “mind” of your best agent.

Automate conversations to drive efficiency

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Finance Chatbot with Welcome Message and Options on Mobile Video Banking to Build Trust
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Agent training

A live engagement experience is only as good as the agents who power it. Your agents are the ambassadors of your brand. Ensuring your sales and customer service agents are well-trained in processes and technology is paramount to creating an exceptional customer experience.

The Vee24 Client Services team brings firsthand experience whether you’re starting up a digital agent team or transitioning current staff to become high-performing agents on your digital platform. We offer training services and hands-on instructions adapted to each client’s use case and team size.

Train your agents to be their best

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Client success

Markets change, your business needs evolve, customers are doing everything but standing still. Your digital engagement strategy needs to adapt constantly. Your Client Success Managers will work with you to adapt, pivot, and transform your digital customer experience. Your clients’ success is our success. You can count on us to be there for you long-term as you continue to grow.

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