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Prism Health Advocates Chooses Vee24 To Deliver a VIP-Level Client Experience

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Vee24’s HIPAA compliant technology enables Prism to deliver online assistance using live chat

BOSTON, MA – September 10th, 2020 Vee24, the world leader in intelligent, conversational, multi-experience solutions, announced today that Prism Health Advocates will use the Vee24 platform to offer better patient care by enabling online service to its clients. Using the platform’s HIPAA compliant VeeMessenger functionality, Prism Health Advocates will use secure text chat to provide online assistance directly to clients to deliver convenient, personal advocacy, guidance, and support for making better informed healthcare decisions. VeeMessenger will enable both live chat for real-time communication with a healthcare advocate and asynchronous chat that will allow patients to start a conversation, send inquiries and share responses when it is most convenient for them. A visible history of all conversations will be available for both parties to easily reference. 

Prism Health Advocates works directly with clients to navigate complex and complicated healthcare and insurance systems to empower patients, families, and employers to make the best care decisions for their loved-ones and employees. They carefully assess diagnosis and treatment options, insurance programs and reimbursement, and the best care providers and services to deliver personalized care plans based on the individual’s requirements.

“Prism Health Advocates brings incredible patient care, healthcare experience, and industry knowledge to their clients, and I’m delighted that Vee24’s AI-enabled platform allows them to leverage best-in-class customer engagement technology to achieve their compassionate vision,” said Priya Iyer, CEO of Vee24. “Being able to consult with their clients via VeeMessenger will ensure that Prism Health Advocates can fully assess the needs of each client personally and confidentially, especially on sensitive issues and in environments where clients may feel more comfortable chatting versus speaking over the telephone. The Vee24 live engagement solution combined with Prism Health Advocates will dramatically reduce the time to intake new clients and result in better patient care with more positive outcomes.”

Patients, families, and employees typically face numerous challenges when choosing the correct course of therapy or insurance plan. The Vee24 platform will allow Prism Health Advocates to transform how they communicate with their clients. Instead of corresponding via numerous emails and telephone calls, clients will be able to text chat directly with Prism Health Advocates at a time that is most convenient for them. Expert live advocates will be able to discuss the client’s personal health history and situation to assist in determining their requirements, and recommending a personal course of action. This personalized approach establishes meaningful and trusting relationships digitally, which have previously only been available with live in-office or over the telephone consultations.

“Prism Health Advocates’ mission is to educate, support, and empower patients and families as they navigate the complexities of healthcare,” said Debbie Bain, Managing Director of Prism Health Advocates. “Vee24 is uniquely capable of providing a collaborative live chat experience that enables our advocates to forge a personal connection with our clients via the channels they are most comfortable using. We will utilize VeeMessenger to enable client engagement any time and from anywhere, on a mobile device, laptop, or tablet which requires no download for instant live connection. The personal attention and speed of care delivered during these collaborative chat engagements truly differentiates Prism Health Advocates from other advocacy organizations, allowing us to reach people we would not have been able reach before.”

About Prism Health Advocates

Prism Health Advocates brings years of collective experience to bear on any problem the healthcare system can present. Through careful research and education, Prism empowers patients, families and employers to navigate Healthcare and Insurance systems and make well-informed decisions.

About Vee24

Vee24 is the world leader in live engagement solutions and brings a unique blend of technical know-how, customer insight, and best practices to deliver the next chapter in customer engagement. Vee24 is headquartered in Boston, MA with European headquarters in Macclesfield, England. Vee24 supports many top industry brands in the financial, retail, automotive, high-tech and healthcare sectors.