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Omnichannel Platform Technology Overview

A flexible, enterprise-grade platform purpose-built for omnichannel customer engagement. Empowering brands to deliver a seamless journey from initial attraction to lifetime customer.

Seamless customer experience across all channels

Our solution connects multiple channels to deliver a true omnichannel experience in a single platform.

Imagine a friction-free transition across channels and touchpoints in the customer journey. A customer starts a text chat, gets comfortable with the agent, and upgrades to a face-to-face video chat for a more personalized experience. A customer schedules an appointment to speak with someone virtually or in-store. When a chatbot can’t provide an answer or it’s time to send a qualified lead to sales, this virtual agent transfers to a human.

Technology that drives digital customer experience

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DFS Furniture Store Video Chat from Showroom

Mobile-ready and camera-rich video chat

Our mobile-first solutions enable you to deliver person-to-person experiences regardless of the customer’s device and without any download.

While in a video chat sales agents can use a mobile camera — using both front and back cameras, changing view orientation, and showcasing fine details or broader views of the product. This freedom enables the agent to move about the showroom or dark store. Or a downward-facing camera set-up allows sales consultants to showcase fine details or demonstrate product applications in a virtual boutique environment.

Integrations to support your business

A seamless customer experience relies on good customer information. Our CRM capabilities range from a customer opportunity solution for simple use cases to an integrated solution using our API for larger enterprises with a company-wide CRM. Vee24 integrates with most popular CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and most CRMs that accept APIs for integration.

We work with you to support your business needs.

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Intelligent agent routing

Match your customer to the right person in the right place at the right time. Vee24 automatically detects website location, journey stage, language, and other factors to intelligently notify and send the online visitor to the best sales or service agent. Our routing rules engine allows you to classify both agents and customers using any number of criteria.

Multi-lingual and auto-translation capabilities

Global brands require robust language support. Our platform offers over 30 languages for chatbots. The agent user interface can be fully localized and supports double-byte characters as well as auto-translation for more than 60 languages.

Configuration management

A Vee24 web-based administration tool allows you to configure and design many aspects of your live engagement solution. Everything from the look and feel of your customer’s live engagement experience, to the management of your agents, to a variety of technical components is available to configure.

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Female Health and Beauty Agent and Customer Video Chat on Mobile, cobrowsing

Create a virtual boutique, digital showroom, or online bank branch

Extend your brand experience through time and space with a virtual boutique. Whether you’re selling high-end watches or make-up, give your online customers the kind of full-service, highly personalized attention that sets your shopping experience apart.

Create a digital showroom using video and high-definition cameras so customers can get an up-close tour of the vehicle and configure the car together with your sales agent from the comfort of their home.

Build an online branch that meets your standards for service, performance, and trust. Create person-to-person connections using video chat with real-time collaboration such as cobrowsing and file transfer to expand banking relationships.