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Appointment Scheduling

Never miss a sales opportunity. Offer an easy way for customers to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with the right person at their convenience. Let your customers book virtual appointments with our video chat solution. It’s easy and under one platform

Deliver a personalized in-person or online video appointments

Capture qualified buyers by letting them engage at a time that’s convenient for them. Combine online scheduling with live video chat to deliver virtual consultations.

Whether they’ve scheduled a virtual or in-store appointment, your customers get the support or advice they need when they want it.

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Manage customer service requests

Manage customer service requests and reduce average handle time by letting customers schedule online or in-store appointments or curbside pickup directly from your website. Available 24/7, customers can book an appointment and provide relevant information ahead of time.

Add a chatbot to cobrowse customers to the benefits of your virtual sales or service consultations and let them schedule an appointment right there and then.

Deliver superior customer service

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Deliver a friction-free experience

Get the customer to the right person the first time. Ensure routing that matches the customer with the best agent based on the specific criteria you define such as agent knowledge or customer profile.

The customer receives an appointment confirmation immediately with reminders and the ability to reschedule or cancel.

Using VeeScheduler to Schedule an Appointment
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Keep agents productive

Keep your agents motivated by letting them turn every engagement into a new sale or high customer satisfaction score.  By offering appointment categories and letting customers provide details of their interests or questions, your product specialist can prepare for the specific engagement.

Scheduled appointment slots can be offered during an agent’s “downtime” or quieter parts of the week to help maximize efficiencies of resources across all teams.

Create an omnichannel customer experience with Video Chat

Create a true omnichannel customer experience by letting customers engage online or in-store at their convenience. Bring live engagement and self-service technologies – chatbots, text chat, video chat, cobrowsing, sharing, and online appointment setting — together to seamlessly move customers throughout their journey with you.

Captivate customers with video

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