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Live Engagement Empowering Today’s Car Buyers

Significant growth in factors such as technology, innovation, and social media have caused the automotive industry to experience massive changes to the customer’s car-buying journey.  87% of shoppers start their journey online, which means the first time they’re really going into your dealership is when they enter your website.

Live engagement has become a vital tool for assisting those online car buyers throughout their purchasing process by taking the dealership to the customer.

Support with smart features

As the world becomes more and more online, you need to integrate live-engagement into your customer’s experience. This is so you can start to bring your dealership brand to life online. When buyers enter a dealership, they expect to be guided through their buying process. By giving your car dealers the ability to interact with your buyers while they are on your website the buying process can begin as soon your buyers begin researching them.

The ability to co-browse, share, guide, and present any type of content to the customer is key to ensuring a great customer experience. Whether it’s a brochure, PDF, or vehicle presentation video is key to supporting customers on your website.

Easily sharing content live to your customers, along with a Co-Browsing tool enables your online dealers to show your buyers the most relevant information they need to find their perfect car. Co-browsing also emulates a dealership and in-person sale because it allows you to fill in any financial documents your buyers may need, making the sales.

Available Anytime, Anywhere (Including Mobile)

To truly reach today’s buyer, you also need to be mobile. Today’s car buyers are increasingly browsing, researching and shopping from their mobile devices. 58% of auto shoppers agree that in the future their smartphone is likely to be the only device they will use for vehicle research. This is why it is important for dealers to invest in technology that supports various platforms such as mobile to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

As an automotive brand, you need to reach your customers wherever and whenever they are. Customers no longer need to go and visit a dealer to complete these tasks. More and more people are going online as the information is available to them anytime.

Always-On – Wherever Your Customers are

With so much of the buying process happening online now, there needs to be agent availability after business hours. As shoppers are making their purchases online after business hours it is key to reach them wherever they are.

After implementing live-engagement on their website, one of our customers saw that 44% of their sales were happening between the hours of 6 pm and 10 pm. With your customers researching and shopping past business hours, it is key to be able to reach them while building a relationship.

With all of these features bringing your dealership online and allowing your customers to experience everything to have to offer on their terms, you can start to build relationships from the moment customers are on your website. With co-browsing, an “always-on” mentality, and mobile support, you will be able to bring your car dealership into today’s market and start reaching your customers before they set foot in your dealership.