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Text Chat & Async Chat

Our platform offers a versatile communication solution, encompassing live text chat, instant connections, and asynchronous messaging. With the integration of chatbots, we empower businesses to provide human assistance at scale.

Manage customer inquiries at scale with Live & Async Chat

Empower your agents to handle multiple concurrent chats and conversation threads. Let your agents write their messages or provide canned replies to answer simple queries. Agents can seamlessly transfer a chat to another agent when needed.

When an agent is unavailable, customers can request a callback or use online appointment setting to schedule a time that’s convenient for them.

Deliver better customer service

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Retail Female Agent and Male Customer use Co-browse and Video Chat Reimagine Virtual Shopping Experience

Deepen conversations with cobrowsing

Use cobrowsing directly from the text chat to strengthen the engagement. Cobrowsing lets agents visually guide customers to relevant information. Agents can lead customers to downloadable content, or send an offline document right within the browser window using file transfer.

Guide and advise with cobrowsing

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Identify and engage qualified buyers

Multi-threaded text chat allows agents to assess buying intent and offer a more in-depth engagement with the highest potential buyers.  Seamlessly transfer conversations to a video chat in which a face-to-face more consultative engagement can take place.

Captivate with video chat

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Elevate your digital customer experience

Connect with your customers using text chat. But, when a customer service or selling engagement needs to go deeper, seamlessly move the conversation to video chat for face-to-face interaction and digital hand-holding throughout the buying process.

Create a seamless customer experience by bringing multiple live engagement and self-service technologies together.

Looking for async options? Try our WhatsApp integration.

The WhatsApp Integration seamlessly pairs the expanded customer experience with the agent interface our clients use today. Customers can start an inbound message conversation anytime via their WhatsApp account. Messages go directly to the agent hub, allowing product experts to handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Agents are then able to wrap-up calls with surveys, which feed into the comprehensive reporting suite.

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