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Mom holding baby using live video chat for telehealth appointment with doctor

Why Live Engagement is the Answer for Patients Who Require Remote Healthcare

Nearly 20% of Americans reside in rural areas with extremely limited access to healthcare[1], and almost 133 million people in the US have chronic conditions that require daily maintenance[2], such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It’s now more important than ever that providers are offering tele-health services to their patients. Patients with disabilities, lack of mobility or transportation, limited finances and inflexible schedules are also leading candidates for tele-medicine. However, patients are still running into a significant amount of hurdles when seeking medical advice and support from their homes. Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform simplifies patient to provider communication and increases the effectiveness of remote healthcare consultations.

One of the most impactful and beneficial features of Live Engagement is the video chat capability. This is the closest alternative to an in-person appointment and allows patients to consult with a health professional from the comfort of their own home. In addition to building trust between the patient and provider through face to face appointments, the patient is also able to show their doctor any physical concerns they may have rather than trying to explain it over the phone. Alternatively, the caregiver can also show the patient how to administer a new medication or device through live video.

Imagine a 65-year old patient, for example, who was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. He has been prescribed an Antihypertensive medication and purchased a home blood pressure monitor. He’s also been advised to visit a cardiologist in order to discuss diet and exercise. This patient has run into a few different challenges right off the bat. The cardiologist that he was referred to is located 30 minutes from his home and does not have any open appointments for the next couple weeks. This patient is also unsure of how to properly use the home blood pressure monitor so that he can oversee his own treatment once he is no longer seeing his doctor on a regular basis.

With Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform, this patient could simply click a button for text or video chat support, ask to be routed to a cardiologist in network and schedule his follow-up appointments right then and there. He also has the ability to video chat with a healthcare provider who can show him how to accurately use his blood pressure monitor without the need to lug it into a clinic or read through ambiguous directions. In fact, in 2015, 64% of Americans reported that they were interested in attending an appointment via video[3], and the rate today is estimated to have increased significantly as tele-health continues to become more prominent.

Written medical directions and diagrams can be confusing, there’s often a wait time when calling into your doctors office, and it’s unlikely that you can make an appointment the day of. With Vee24’s Live Engagement solution, patients are able to receive prompt and efficient answers to their questions through text chat with a simple click of a button. Support can be provided to patients around the clock with AI-enabled ChatBOTs, which are built to answer frequently asked questions and become smarter from every interaction. For more complex questions or concerns, chats can be easily routed to specialists or upgraded to multi-party engagements with several healthcare providers.

Another major challenge for remote patients is lack of computer literacy. Patients may run into technical challenges when attempting to locate online medical forms, databases or patient portals. Specific hardware may also be required for remote treatment plans, which can be expensive, inaccessible or difficult to operate. Our Live Engagement Platform can be accessed on any browser, from any device. With no downloads required, it’s the simplest solution for patients who may not be technically savvy. Features such as co-browsing and screen sharing also allow the provider to guide the patient through any website, highlight information, and fill out forms alongside the patient.

Tele-medicine is expected to attract 7M patient users by the end of 2018[4], which means that patients are beginning to expect the option of remote healthcare from their providers. Not only does Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform improve the efficiency of communication between patients and their doctor, but also it increases the quality of life for patients who may not have the means to visit a healthcare professional in person. With features such as co-browse, video chat, and text chat, remote patients are able to receive the healthcare they deserve.