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Defining the KPI’s for Live Engagement in Your Automotive Business Plan

In order for your company to see successful results with Live Customer Engagement, you will need to begin the process by first defining what role this service will play in your business plan. Will Live Customer Engagement assist your business with sales, customer service, or brand loyalty? In the early stages of configuration, prior to launching, all of Vee24’s automotive clients determined the overall purpose of their Live Engagement services. As a result, they have been able to effectively measure the rise of sale conversion rates, customer satisfaction scores, first call resolution times, and much more.

The Sytner Group, the largest automotive retailer in Europe and part of the Penske Automotive Group, began using the Vee24 Live Engagement Platform with video, text and email support in 2014.  Sytner’s primary goal in adopting the platform was to “deliver a consistent and personal customer experience across all points of contact with a customer, from first point of enquiry to the conclusion of a sale, or until a query has been resolved.”[1] According to a survey by DMA, the most important element to buying a car is getting good customer service.[2] In order to sufficiently meet Sytner’s goal of providing online customers with a personal experience, and more specifically serving them in the same way that they would in their dealership, they chose Vee24’s Enterprise platform including ChatBOTs, Text, Voice, Video, Screen Share,  Co-browse, Co-form fill, with mobile camera, scheduled appointments, automated workflows and much more.

In addition to the software platform, Sytner wanted to guarantee their service levels would remain consistent both online and in person, and that all enquiries were being responded to in a timely fashion. With 44% of all enquiries coming in between 6pm and 10pm[3], Sytner was looking for flexibility in service offering. Vee24’s PACE center provided this flexibility with overflow and off-hours live engagement services.

With this clarity in their goals, Sytner was able to easily measure the success of Vee24’s Live Engagement platform and services. Sytner tracked their engagement to sales lead ratios and net promoter scores in comparison to those prior to launching the Live Engagement platform and services. They exceeded their targets with 35% of all online customer engagements being passed over to the appropriate dealership as qualified sales opportunities. In addition, their net promoter score averaged at an incredible 85 compared to the automotive average of 39.[4]

When investing in a live engagement technology for your business, it’s critical that you are able to define its’ role within your business plan. If you are looking to increase your sale conversion rates, develop your online customer support, or improve customer loyalty, you’ll need to establish where your business currently stands and the specific results you’re looking for. Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform provides the analytics, dashboards and KPIs that can truly drive a customer focused process within your organization that meets and exceeds your business plan.

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