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How AI BOTs improve the Employee Experience

Everyone in the business ecosystem is a customer of someone else, your investors and partners, buyers and their networks, and most importantly, your customers themselves. Your employees are often the most overlooked stakeholders. We all focus on the customer experience,…

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robot using live engagement to direct customer to ice cream aisle

5 Key Elements of Live-Engagement

The digital world has certainly taken off in the last few years and the majority of websites now have some sort of live chat implemented to assist with inquiries from new and existing customers. This has been met with enthusiasm.…

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Vee24 logo with customer video chat background

Meet The Family Of BOTS

When we think of ChatBOTs, we typically think of just a simple BOT. It’s easy to train a BOT that specializes in something, like nudging your customers to interact with you, assist your agents, or simply guide your customers, but…

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