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Video Consultations

Accelerate Revenue with Person-to-Person Engagements

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Connect with your customers anywhere, anytime. Deliver product advice and service with a person-to-person digital experience that drives revenue and increases customer satisfaction.

Create an immersive omnichannel experience with video chat

Captivate customers with a personalized, virtual consultations experience that “wows.” Using video with high-definition cameras, bring the person-to-person connection to online engagements to build trust and showcase products in the very best light.

Captivate customers with video

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VeeStudio Video Chat and Retail Agent Shown on Multiple Devices
Retail Female Agent and Male Customer use Co-browse and Video Chat Reimagine Virtual Shopping Experience

Guide customers to product recommendations

Help customers discover products or solve support requests with real-time cobrowsing.

Share screens, guide customers through purchasing and assist with co-filling applications such as loan forms or auto financing paperwork. Assisted selling leads to higher conversions.

Guide and advise with cobrowsing

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From high tech to telecoms, supercharging revenue


Uplift in Conversation vs. Unassisted Users


Increase in Average Order Value


Reduction in Sales Cycle

Meet customer service demands 24/7

Expand your customer service team with AI-powered chatbots. Meet volume increases with agile chatbots that answer service and sales queries, cobrowse to relevant information, or link to online appointment settings. Intelligent chatbots transfer customers to a live human for text or video chats when it’s time.

General Chatbot with Welcome Message and Quick Reply Options on Mobile professional services
DFS website mobile view with appointment scheduling

Create a consistent brand experience

Fulfill the promise of your brand with an experiential digital experience. Connect the virtual and in-store experience to create a seamless journey that meets the customer where they want to purchase and pick up.

Automated and human elements keep customers engaged throughout the buying cycle.

Craft a seamless customer journey

Whether you’re showcasing heavy equipment or helping travelers at the airport, connect the virtual and physical experiences — seamlessly.

Smoothly transfer customers from self-service chatbots to the right human in customer service, sales, or product specialization. Connect different departments and smoothly guide customers through their journey. Or, allow them to connect, explore, and buy online or in-store.

Attract, connect, and delight

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SkyBreak Customer Service Support Banner

Press Release

Skybreak is elevating the travel experience with video

Skybreak, an independent airport representation company, has assisted more than 500,000 passengers who missed flights with a range of support from alternative flights to lost luggage.

Vee24 is helping Skybreak improve the airport travel experience by expanding the reach of its service agents with quick-access video and text chat.