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Live Engagement: A Vital Asset for High-Tech Sales & Service

The sales cycle can be difficult and exceptionally long for high tech companies. The first step of the sales process is product evaluation and most high tech products require a technical expert to explain the various features, demonstrate and answer questions that customers have.  Sales and customer service go hand in hand, and it’s no surprise that selling high tech products demands more comprehensive support.

With shopping continuing to move online and away from physical stores, customers are demanding the same level of customer support online that they would receive in person in a brick and mortar store. Say you’ve just launched a new product, or an updated version, and it has complex, next generation features. How do you expect consumers in a buying journey to understand these capabilities in depth just from browsing your website? If a customer purchases a product or service, do they have to drive to the nearest store location or wait on hold to speak to an agent when they have questions or concerns?! The right solution for this, both for your customers and for your business, is to invest in Live Engagement.

Vee24’s Live Engagement platform provides your customers with the opportunity to simply click a button and immediately engage with one of your product experts. “With just a few taps, you can video chat with a Samsung expert who can walk you through fixing your phone,” says a Samsung rep, a client of Vee24. Not only do customers have the choice to text chat or voice chat, just like a standard phone call, but they can also mirror an actual in-store visit via video chat with an agent. This level of customer support significantly increases customers’ experience with your company. In fact, Samsung had over 60,000 engagements with the Vee24 platform in 2017 and an average customer satisfaction score of 89 NPS.

Engaging with your prospects during their research phase, especially when the product is complex, increases the conversion rate by 500%[1] or more. Vee24’s AI based ChatBOTs combined with text or video chat and co-browsing allows your agents to answer all initial customer questions but then actually provide a personalized path to the ideal product on the website, just like an employee would show a customer to a product in the store. A customer may not even know this product exists, or may need a specific part to fix a broken product and is unsure of where to find it online. This feature builds brand awareness and loyalty, as the customer is educated about your solution in a highly personalized, one-on-one engagement.

While Live Engagement is significantly impactful for prospects, it can be just as beneficial for returning customers. With high tech products, customers often invest in some type of insurance or customer care plan. However, this often requires them to visit a store or stay on hold for an extended period of time to receive proper customer support around the product. Live Engagement via a premium care app allows businesses to build personal relationships with customers by providing one-on-one meetings with specialists to immediately resolve their issue. Take Joe for example. He recently switched over from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy. Joe is always losing his wallet but read online that he can carry his credit cards on his device to pay in-person and online. However, he has no clue how to do this. Joe uses the Vee24 online chat to immediately engage with a Samsung expert who then helps him walk through setting up his credit cards. The total engagement is seamless and efficient, lasting between 6-10 minutes. This leaves both Joe and the agent feeling satisfied. In fact, according to, 92% of customers feel satisfied when they use the live engagement feature[2] and it helps to move prospective leads to loyal customers.

For high tech companies looking to build brand loyalty, provide the best possible customer support, and increase sale conversion rates, Live Engagement has been proven to do just that. Vee24’s Live Customer Engagement platform provides ample opportunities for your business to engage with online prospects in their research phase, and then take them through the entire sales cycle online with extensive customer support via co-browse and video chat. Those customers will keep coming back for new product releases and for continued support with their previous purchases. Our platform is the perfect combination of self-service and live agents to help bring your brand to the next level with high tech sales and customer service.

[1] Based on average increase in conversion rate of 5x to 10x from self-service, across the Vee24 customer base.