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Flooringsupplies: Elevating Customer Service:

BOSTON, Feb. 12, 2019 / Vee24, Inc., announced that UK’s first online flooring retailer, has selected the Vee24 Live Engagement Platform to offer text and video chat services to online customers. Shoppers looking to purchase or research flooring options online can now talk directly to a flooring specialist using text, audio and video chat and jointly co-browse various brands and products to get a personalized service. prides itself on high levels of customer service innovation. Live Engagement is the next step in this journey to delight every customer. Online customers can proactively request to live chat with an agent from any page of the website or wait for an agent to prompt them with a ‘Can we help?’ nudge. The service works with any device and from any browser.

Commenting on why the company is adopting Live Engagement, MD & Owner Adrian Lee says, “Many customers like to research flooring options before visiting a store and it’s great to meet them on the website during this stage of their buying journey to answer questions, offer to send samples, or chat through pricing and delivery. These are all things you could do over the phone, but a key advantage of Live Engagement is that the agent can guide the customer around the website to talk through options and see examples on the screen. Customers appreciate being able to see the agent during video calls and interact with them in much the same way as they would in store, but without having to leave the house.”

The platform is also a source of valuable customer service information, providing real-time statistics on customer satisfaction scores, operator ratings, number of engagements, peak call times and missed calls.

“We look to continuously improve our customer service”, comments Adrian, “and the information we take from the Vee24 platform ensures that we are constantly learning and refining our process. We’re delighted that the service is consistently rated five star and that sales conversions following live chat have been extremely high.” joins a growing number of Vee24 customers globally. “I’m delighted that Adrian and the team at are already seeing the benefits of their investment in Live Engagement”, comments Priya Iyer, CEO of Vee24. “In a crowded market, all retailers need to innovate and differentiate, and Live Engagement provides the perfect platform to delight customers, increase sales, enhance the brand and continuously learn, refine and improve customer service.”