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Drive More Engagement with Video Chat and Cobrowsing [eBook]
Create customer experiences centered around effective, efficient communication

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve spent more time explaining how to use a product rather than actually using it? If so, then you understand how inefficient communication can lead to customer frustration and cart abandonment. Thankfully, the emergence of video chat and cobrowsing has made it possible to quickly provide customer support, convert more site visitors, and deliver an even faster onboarding experience for new customers.

The Drive More Engagement with Video Chat and Cobrowsing eBook is your go-to resource for creating a successful video chat strategy for B2B sales. From getting started through to development, implementation, and evaluation, you’ll learn how to:

  • What cobrowse is and how it is used by companies today
  • Recognize where cobrowse and video chat fits into your industry
  • Identify different tools for each use case
  • Track and measure success

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TOFU Download Now eBook_MasteringDigitalCustomerEngagement_May21
  • TOFU Download Now eBook_MasteringDigitalCustomerEngagement_May21