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Mastering the Digital Customer Journey: Harmonizing AI and Human Support

A digital customer journey is the path customers follow when they interact with a brand online, which influences how they decide to make purchases. 

From finding products to getting help from customer support to buying items, these interactions shape how loyal customers are to a brand and their overall experience.

Customers are devoted to brands, products, and retailers that consistently offer value while minimizing hassle or inconvenience. Research shows that around 80% of shoppers in the U.S. value factors like quickness, ease, helpful guidance, and friendly interactions when moving through online touchpoints.

The quality and timing of that helpful guidance, whether through artificial intelligence (AI) or a human agent, can affect the digital customer journey. 

Despite the push for online convenience, human interaction remains crucial for creating a positive customer experience.

As many as 82% of U.S. and 75% of international online shoppers desire more human interaction. The technology that connects AI-powered interactions and live agent support must be seamlessly integrated across all platforms to meet these needs.

As businesses plan their online engagement strategies, finding the right mix of automation and human support is crucial. While AI can handle large volumes and cut costs, relying too heavily on it may result in impersonal or frustrating experiences, especially for complex transactions. 

This blog will delve into the intricacies of the digital customer journey, highlighting the importance of striking the perfect balance between automation and personalized service—a digital “white glove” treatment. It will also show how Vee24 can help brands solve common problems and update their methods to engage customers across various channels.

Striking the Right Balance Between AI and Human Support in the Digital Customer Journey

Even as online shopping surges, consumers still seek the convenience of quick and timely answers to their questions, mirroring the in-store experience.

Chatbots are a powerful tool for enhancing the digital customer journey. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) like store hours, return policies, and order tracking are common queries handled by AI-enabled assistants. Chatbots can help by answering basic questions quickly or guiding customers to the right web pages. This reduces the number of calls to customer service, freeing up agents to spend more time helping customers with complex inquiries.

While automated solutions like chatbots play a vital role in any digital strategy, they can’t always fulfill all customer needs alone. 

When a chatbot does not swiftly address a customer’s query or when the customer’s dialogue signals dissatisfaction, the bot should smoothly transfer the customer to a human agent via text or video chat. This handover should be seamless within the same platform, requiring no extra effort from the customer. 

Building consumer trust involves ensuring they are never stuck in an automated loop but instead are effortlessly connected to a real person when needed. Whether it’s providing post-purchase support or identifying a potential lead for a sales or product specialist, recognizing the right moment to transition to human interaction is key.

By blending automated customer care with live service, forward-thinking businesses can slash response times, elevate customer satisfaction, and foster trust among consumers who prioritize swift and responsive assistance.

Accelerate Digital Business by Connecting the Online and In-Person Experience With Vee24

Vee24 is transforming customer engagement by bringing in-store 5-star customer service to the digital realm. Whether through streamlined customer service or virtual boutiques, Vee24 fosters authentic human connections, ensuring an immersive online experience that mirrors in-person interactions. 

The outcome: increased sales, customer satisfaction, and enduring loyalty.

As businesses modernize their contact centers, Vee24 helps brands connect with consumers on their favorite digital platforms, integrating live human interaction and automation at every step of the digital customer journey.


Explore how Vee24 addresses common pain points in online customer engagement and bridges the gap between physical and virtual interactions:

Call center frustrations: Vee24 improves time to resolution (TTR) and addresses issues related to handling high volumes of customers and outdated contact centers. It eliminates customer frustrations stemming from long hold times and disjointed department transfers.

High telephone and email volumes: By implementing text chat, Vee24 provides instant assistance to customers and enables agents to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. This asynchronous chat feature allows agents to reply to customers at a later time, reducing pressure and facilitating multiple conversations while maintaining messaging history.

Contact forms: Vee24 eliminates outdated and delayed responses associated with contact forms, reducing frustration and high volumes of inquiries.

Frustration with chatbots: Vee24 acknowledges the limitations of chatbots and offers a solution that prioritizes human understanding, personalization, and bespoke service. If the chatbot is unable to offer a response, when a customer seeks assistance from a live agent, or when it’s appropriate to hand over a qualified lead to the sales team, the virtual agent smoothly transitions the conversation to a human customer service or sales representative.

Virtual Events: Vee24 helps brands create bespoke virtual events, allowing customers who miss out on in-person experiences, such as overseas customers or those unable to attend product launches, to participate through scheduled appointments and QR code-enabled video chats.

Security and Customer Confidence: Vee24 ensures security and customer confidence during video chats by offering Secure Share (cobrowsing mode) that obscures personal information. Customers are prompted to allow access to their mic and camera, ensuring their comfort and privacy.

Onboarding and Ongoing Support: Vee24 addresses the complexities of onboarding processes and provides continuous support. It prevents loss of information on websites after engaging with live video, text, or chatbot features.

24/7 Customer Service: Recognizing that customers are not limited to 9-5 availability, Vee24 offers round-the-clock customer service and support. This ensures that customers can engage with brands at their convenience, with features like self-service options, appointment scheduling, chatbots, and call-back forms.

Ready to enhance your digital customer journey with Vee24? Discover how to grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and build brand loyalty with a more personalized customer experience.