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6 Digital Customer Experience Trends to Watch for in 2024

Digital Customer Experience Trends

Providing a memorable and engaging digital customer experience has become more important than ever. Consumers want more out of their digital interactions and it’s putting more pressure on companies to remain competitive. 

Failing to meet customer expectations not only leads to dissatisfaction but also comes at a cost – up to $4.7 trillion annually, according to a recent Global Customer Experience (CX) Trends Report. The report also highlights how customers think their digital customer experiences need drastic improvement. To address this, businesses are turning to innovative digital solutions that align with emerging CX trends.

Let’s dig into the world of digital customer experience and explore six trends poised to shape how e-commerce brands digitally connect with their consumers in 2024. 

1. The Harmony of Human and Automation

Picture a future where artificial intelligence (AI) teams up with human touchpoints in a buyer’s journey. The integration of AI with the human touch doesn’t just add up; it multiplies, creating a digital customer experience that surpasses the individual benefits of both modalities. 

Artificial intelligence excels at streamlining routine tasks, with 73% of consumers reporting they are comfortable with AI handling order status inquiries. However, consumers are raising the bar for AI, expressing concerns such as the lack of human connection (48%) and dissatisfaction with the quality of interactions (45%). 

The real magic goes beyond merely deploying chatbots and automated responses. It lies in weaving human connection and automation together to deliver a truly exceptional digital consumer experience.

2. Digital Customer Service Matters More Now Than Ever

The digital marketplace is saturated with options. As competition heats up, it becomes more challenging to secure consumer loyalty. With online transactions becoming the standard, consumers crave a service experience that is both responsive and supportive of their needs. The statistics agree:

  • 53% of customers prefer digital channels when engaging with companies
  • 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services when it comes to brand loyalty 
  • Purchase decisions are not solely influenced by low prices – 47% of consumers believe that companies with a good reputation for customer service support are most likely to secure a significant portion of their spending.

Great customer service evokes strong emotions, making them memorable experiences that linger in people’s minds. That’s why businesses are finding that investing in a better customer experience isn’t just a strategy; it’s a lucrative differentiator that directly impacts their bottom line.

3. The Surge of Live Video Chat

Brands are staying ahead by adopting innovative approaches to meet the rising demand for immersive interactions. One trend taking center stage in 2024 is the surge of live video chat

Businesses are leveraging the power of visual storytelling and personalized, humanized assistance through video chat to attract consumers and elevate their digital experience. 

  • Live shopping can boost conversion rates up to 10 times higher than the typical ecommerce conversion rate
  • Over half of U.S. consumers who engaged with live or pre-recorded online shopping videos have not just watched but actively purchased during these events
  • 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands

As brands continue to embrace and integrate interactive technologies, they will not only enhance their reputation for customer service but also create engaging and memorable experiences that resonate with modern consumers.

4. The Era of Personalization 2.0

Not long ago, personalized experiences were considered a bonus—a way to enhance user satisfaction and stand out from the crowd. 

However, as technology advanced and consumer expectations changed, personalization graduated from being a supplementary feature to an essential element of the customer journey, with 73% of customers expecting brands to understand their needs and deliver personalization in ways that matter.

  • According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations
  • 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences

In a world where 72% of consumers expect businesses to see them as individuals, not just transactions, the human touch becomes paramount. The empathy, understanding, and nuanced communication that humans bring is challenging for AI alone to mimic with its predefined algorithms. Particularly in scenarios demanding complex problem-solving or emotional intelligence, consumers crave a personalized and emotionally charged interaction that transcends the capabilities of AI alone.

5. The Omnichannel Customer Experience 

The days of a linear customer journey are behind us. Today’s consumers expect an integrated experience that unfolds across multiple touchpoints, so it’s important for businesses to accommodate the omnichannel preferences of those customers.

According to RWS, 90% of consumers expect consistent interactions with a brand across devices and channels. Adobe found that companies with the best omnichannel customer engagement strategies experience:

  • 10% year-on-year growth
  • 10% increase in average order value
  • 25% increase in close rates. 

In 2024, businesses must seamlessly blend their customer interactions across diverse platforms to enhance customer satisfaction and meet the needs of modern consumers. 

6.  Digital Collaboration With Co-Browsing

Customers are often unsure about the products they want to buy. That’s where digital co-browsing steps in as a game-changer, particularly in bringing the in-store experience to the online world. It breaks down virtual barriers and enables real-time collaboration with a live agent, providing an interactive and engaging way to communicate.

Imagine virtually holding the customer’s hand throughout their service or sales journey using co-browsing, screen sharing, and secure file transfer with a live agent. It creates a more tangible online experience, ensuring customers feel supported and confident in their buying decisions.

With a 78% satisfaction rating, this type of visual engagement technology not only meets growing consumer preferences, but also contributes to a 7.6% annual increase in customer retention rates, outpacing traditional methods.

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