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Mastering Digital Customer Engagement for Customer-Centric Teams [eBook]
How to Build Winning Omnichannel Experiences for Customers and Agents

Customer engagement technologies are gaining a lot of traction in today’s hyper-personalized, digital world. They work to connect with customers in real-time and are vital to augment — and sometimes even — replace in-person interactions. But before implementing them, it’s important to understand how they can best support the customer journey and unify all touchpoints along the way.

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The Mastering Digital Customer Engagement for Customer-Centric Teams eBook is your go-to resource for creating a successful omnichannel digital strategy using a proven, step-by-step approach. From getting started through to development, implementation, and evaluation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize friction points in the customer journey
  • Identify business needs and goals
  • Prioritize use cases for sales, customer service, and marketing
  • Equip your agents for success
  • Choose the right technologies and vendor
  • Track and measure success

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