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Essential Digital Collaboration Tools for Financial Success

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It used to be that when you walked into a bank, you were immediately greeted by a sincere and welcoming teller. They knew your name and asked how your day was going as they offered you assistance and advice — and even a lollipop. Local bank branches have always been known for their friendly and personalized service and seen as trusted pillars in their communities.

The Bailey Brothers Building and Loan Association as depicted in the classic 1947 film, It’s a Wonderful Life is the epitome of a bank that exudes trust and personalized service. In this heartfelt movie, you follow the life of the main character George Bailey as he takes over the family-owned bank that becomes the lifeblood of the community. By the end of the story, you see how much his life’s work, through the empathetic and sometimes even lifesaving bank, has influenced everyone in the town for the better.

Rapid Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry

With the explosion of digital transformation including the rise of mobile and online banking, the well-respected community bank, and the trusting and personalized in-branch attention that customers have relied on for decades is disappearing. Many branches are closing, and consumers will only visit a branch about four times a year by 2022 according to the research firm CACI. When you add in the effects of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic continues to decrease at an even more rapid pace. It already fell an additional 30% this past Spring.

Banks and other financial services institutions are having to change how they do business. They know too well that trust needs to be established before potential customers are willing to work with them. They also realize that their website has become their biggest branch. So, they need to figure out how they can continue to create and foster online relationships that emulate the positive in-branch experience. And they need to ensure that experience keeps their customers engaged and satisfied.

Vee24 Digital Collaboration Tools are Revolutionizing Online Engagement

As consumers search a seemingly never-ending maze of websites and support portals, they can struggle to find the information or service they need when banking online. 89% of consumers who experience poor service will switch brands. Customer engagement and collaboration tools have become vital to better online customer interactions, communications, and overall experience.

Perhaps you already offer some engagement tools today, but are they living up to both your customers and your expectations? Here are a few innovative technologies from Vee24, tailored specifically for the finance industry, that will be sure to please:

#1 Video Chat

Add a smiling, welcoming face to voice communications using video chat. With a click of a button, your customers and banking agents can see one another face-to-face. Instantly, the virtual banking world becomes a smaller and friendlier place. Video banking increases the quality of the conversation and establishes immediate credibility and trust. Reading body language and facial expressions can also help diffuse and calm a potentially stressful situation, like when a customer is having a problem with a loan application or opening a new account. Connecting visually shows customers that banking professionals are attentively listening and fully engaged to assist them in any way possible.

#2 Cobrowsing

Now that your banking representatives have established trust with video chat, allow them to digitally “hold your customer’s hand” through a buying or service journey by leveraging cobrowsing. Using cobrowsing, your representatives can immediately serve up web pages and navigate the site together within the same browser view. This allows for better customer service as they help them quickly find the exact information they need. Customers appreciate this frictionless experience as there’s no need for any downloads or plug-ins, and they can join from any device of their choosing.

Maybe your customer is trying to understand the difference between two stock portfolios. With a click of a button, the financial advisor and customer can instantly and seamlessly cobrowse to that information on the website together. Using this sharing technology, they can even highlight certain areas on charts and tables as they explain the details, so the communication is crystal clear. Your customers will feel as if they’re sitting side-by-side with advisors in the same room together while they complete their tasks at hand.

#3 Secure Co-Form Filling and File Transfer

What if your customer needs help filling out paperwork for a home mortgage application? Instead of multiple back-and-forth emails, your advisors can confidently assist them in real-time using secure co-form filling. Both the advisor and customer work from the same online form. All sensitive data fields, like account numbers and other personally identifiable information (PII), are masked and never transmitted over the Internet. Customers feel assured that their personal data is safe. Advisors can also securely share and even transfer documents that normally reside offline right into the customer’s browser window. For example, an advisor brings up an Excel spreadsheet with the latest mortgage rates that can be reviewed together.

Depend on the Security, Reliability, and ROI of the Vee24 Platform

Perhaps best of all is knowing that all Vee24’s digital collaboration solutions are fully compliant — SOX, GDPR, and ISO among others — and offer unmatched reliability and performance. With no latency issues, you can trust that it will work as expected every time. You can also depend on Vee24’s expertise and the ROI you’ll attain. Unlike many competitors, Vee24 is laser-focused on the sole purpose of making the best customer engagement solutions that support industry-specific use cases. And financial services customers on average see great results including:

  • 5-10 times increase in new accounts
  • 45% increase in operational savings
  • 83% in first call resolution
  • 96% in overall customer satisfaction (CSAT) score

Delightful Digital Collaboration the Vee24 Way

Although you can’t go back to the days of the Baileys Brothers Building and Loan, there’s a lot you can learn from them by focusing on empathetic, trustworthy, and personalized service. Innovative digital collaboration and video banking solutions, such as cobrowsing, video chat, and secure co-form filling will help you better engage with customers and will make them feel that they’re in good hands. And your business will enjoy longstanding customer relationships that will lead to better business outcomes and growth for years to come.

Discover what Vee24’s cobrowse, video chat, and secure co-form fill solutions can do for you. Contact us today!

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