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Your Customer’s Perspective of Live Chat

The way customers interact with a business has changed drastically, whether they are online shopping or gathering information. Live chat, whether text, audio, or video pushed its way through, transforming the customer experience. Embracing and implementing live chat means that businesses can now interact with their customers 24/7.

Simple and Effective

Most customers start their journey on your website, and when they want to reach you, they typically have to disrupt their journey and leave your website, be it to send an email or make a phone call. With live chat, customers can connect with the business and speak to the specialists without making a trip, or having to make a phone call. Instead, your customers are able to directly interact with your agents with a simple click of a button on your website. Customer inquiries will be promptly addressed by the correct associate, so they get the effective answer they are looking for there and then. When in a store, the customer may not be seen straight away as the specialist within that area may be busy or not even on that day, meaning the customer would have to come back another day to be seen.

Anywhere, Anytime

Engagements will begin with you in their own homes, which means that they are able to engage with your brand on their terms. By letting them engage with you on their terms, your brand becomes more accessible and convenient, allowing you to build a better relationship with your customers. Your customers can multitask when on live chat, allowing them to do other jobs within the household. The ‘Sit Back and Relax’ approach to shopping is very useful for customers who have a disability as some may struggle to leave the house. According to CDC data, 1-in-4 adults in the United States have some type of disability. Live Engagement provides a massive benefit allowing them to stay in their own comfort.

International Availability

Whether your customers are local or all over the world, companies need to connect with people at all times. Regardless of location, holidays, or time zones, there needs to be a time where your customers can reach you. Whether your customers are in Japan, New Zealand, or even the Maldives they can connect with you and speak to the specialists regardless of where your specialists are.  Customers can speak to a specialist at any time if the company that provides the live chat is 24/7. Being on the other side of the world will make no difference in connecting and getting the problem solved with the flexible hours, again a massive impact of help for the customer and not leaving them waiting around to be up a certain time of early hours in the morning. If your website has no national boundaries, why not provide sales and service support to truly make your business international?  Vee24’s live chat even comes with auto-translation.

An Effective Use of Time

With customers using live chat to make contact with that company, they can speak to the ideal associate trained in that area to get their answer there and then. This satisfies the customer as it is personalized and timely – they are not getting passed back and forth to get the answer they need on their inquiry as emails can be a long process. Live chat can resolve issues in one session and build that relationship as the customer would within a high street store.