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Deliver Faster, Better Customer Service with Chatbots and Live Video Chat

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Excellent customer service is the hallmark of leading brands. Use the right tools at the right time to increase contact center efficiency while keeping customers happy.

Reduce call volume, increase efficiency

Expand your team with conversational AI. Free up agents by using chatbots to answer questions accurately or to cobrowse customers to relevant information.

Agile development lets you quickly deploy new bots that support customer journeys as diverse as order status and government loan information.

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Connect with customers anywhere, anytime

Respond to queries quickly, accurately, 24/7 with AI-powered chatbots. Engage with your customers on the channels they use.

With the power of cobrowsing, the chatbot can guide customers to relevant web pages as their journey progresses.

Automate conversations with chatbots

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Balance automated and person-to-person service

Not all customer care can be handled with chatbots alone.

Seamlessly transfer customers to live text or video chat for more complex issues. Agents can handle multiple sessions with live chat or leverage video for a deeper human connection. Or offer an online appointment scheduling tool that lets customers schedule a time that’s convenient for them.

Offer customers choices with appointment scheduling

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Great service, happy customers


Average CSAT Score


Reduction in Average Handle Time


Average First Call Resolution


Reduction in Call Volumes

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Improve agent productivity and morale

Route inquires to the right person based on product knowledge, experience, and more.

Live text chat with canned messages allows agents to handle multiple sessions simultaneously and resolve more issues faster.  Information repositories and CRM integration empower agents to better meet the customer’s needs increasing first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction.

Equip your agents for success

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Turn a service engagement into a new sale

Or a return into an upsell! Empower customer service agents to offer complementary products and services or seamlessly transfer customers to a virtual or in-store sales specialist. Better prepare agents by collecting relevant information during scheduling or chatbot sessions.

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Create a connected digital customer experience

Advance your digital experience by creating seamless connections from chatbots to live human assistance, from customer service agents to sales specialists, and from online agents to humans in brick-and-mortar locations.

Leverage every touchpoint to deliver your brand’s promise and build customer loyalty.

Eastern bank website with chatbot woman working on finances using mobile phone and laptop financial services online banking customer service


Eastern Bank supercharges online banking with chatbots

Charged with enhancing the digital banking experience for its customers, Eastern Bank’s head of customer service originally thought that mandate meant heavy development work, months of implementation time, and a big bang style launch. With Vee24, Eastern Bank was able to launch chatbots for targeted use cases in a matter of days.

These AI-powered chatbots provided seamless, remote customer service during the spring of 2020 — one of the most challenging times for the bank and the banking industry as a whole. Then and now, the bank is enhancing its reputation for outstanding customer relationships.