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How to Convert Your Mobile Traffic Into Actual Purchases

We spend a lot of time on our phones – In fact, Americans spend ten hours a day on average consuming media (i.e. television, radio, computers, video games, phones etc.) and an estimated 20-50% of that time is spent on a smartphone. Although smartphone usage has been steadily increasing over the last decade, the mobile share of online shopping is seeing a far more sluggish rise. In the past year alone, the mobile share of web traffic has jumped from 35 to 45%, yet mobile sales still account for less that a quarter of all online shopping. Phone users spend about half the time on their phone using social media and messaging services (the other half is a combination of browsing, news and weather apps, and entertainment such as sports, television, and gaming).

Customers are particularly reluctant to purchase non-digital products that may require more research on their phones. They buy movies and music, but not books; video games, but not board games. Additionally, due to the physical dimensions of phone screens—it’s a lot harder to visualize the scale of a couch for the living room on a device that is not much bigger than a playing card.

So how can retailers leverage customer proclivity for mobile browsing and social interaction and convert these to real online purchases?

live chat engagement technology

Take advantage of the social aspect of smartphone usage by offering a way to engage live with your brand. Live Engagement technology is increasing in popularity with mobile customers, and becoming more important to the way that they make purchases online. 63% of consumers said that they were more likely to return to a mobile site that offers live chat and 79% say that they like that Live Chat offers more immediate solutions than other customer service methods such as phone calls or email. A live engagement platform combines the online shopping experience with a social interaction, particularly when used in conjunction with mobile browsers and apps.Vee24’s Live Engagement solution can easily be integrated into any iOS or Android app, and is optimized for browsing on screens of any size, so while retailers can’t change the dimensions of their customers’ phones, they can use Live Chat to do more with the medium. And unlike other customer service channels such as email, phone calls, or even social media, an integrated Live Engagement platform allows consumers to shop and engage with a brand simultaneously.Customers using Vee24’s services have already seen increases in conversion rates and average order value, delivering online the levels of customer service that consumers are used to experiencing in store. Live chat not only creates a better mobile shopping experience, it functions as a customer service experience that operates seamlessly across all devices, bringing online retail into all realms of technology.