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Conversation Couture and Vee24 Partner to Make Virtual Retail Sales More Personal

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January 1, 2023 Conversation Couture, the industry’s first virtual retail sales certification program, today announced a partnership with Vee24, the leader in person-to-person digital customer experience solutions, to make online sales feel more personal by bringing together education and technology.

“Together with Conversation Couture, we’re excited to offer brands more communication channels and better prepare their associates to shift from in-store to online selling and customer service,” says Vee24 CEO, Tomer Azenkot. “By offering powerful tools to deliver better customer service, we can help companies build brand loyalty and to redefine e-commerce experiences.”

Vee24 works with some of the world’s most customer-centric brands to offer immersive online customer engagements and seamlessly connect their virtual and in-person customer experience. Exceptional digital customer experiences are created using high-definition video chat, text chat, AI-enabled chatbots, co-browsing, screen sharing, online appointment setting, asynchronous chat, and more.

“By pairing Vee24’s technology with our industry-first virtual retail sales certification program, luxury retailers can ensure the personalized brand experience their customers expect stays consistent in the eCommerce space,” says Olivia Steele, Conversation Couture president, and CEO. “We’re not only helping customers make the transition to online sales more seamless, we’re helping them increase revenue in the process.”

Conversation Couture was created to fill a gap in education as a larger percentage of retail sales move online. By upscaling their sales individuals, retailers can see upwards of 30% sales increase month-over-month. Conversation Couture’s mission is to get as many retail sales specialists trained and certified as possible, together with the support of retailers and technology partners. To learn more, visit

About Vee24

Vee24 helps leading brands deliver great person-to-person customer experiences that accelerate their digital business. Vee24’s digital customer experience platform — powered by high-definition video chat, text chat, AI-enabled chatbots, co-browsing, screen sharing, online appointment setting, and more — enables customer-centric teams to grow online sales, deliver better customer service, and build brand loyalty. Brands can seamlessly connect their virtual and in-person experience using this omnichannel customer engagement platform. Vee24 is headquartered in Boston, MA with European headquarters in Macclesfield, England. Vee24 customers include leading industry brands in the retail, automotive, and financial services sectors.

About Conversation Couture

Conversation Couture offers the only certification training programs in virtual experiences and chat box communications for luxury retail sales associates and their managers to learn how to drive sales in a virtual environment. Moving from brick-and-mortar to an eCommerce space in the luxury brand market can be challenging, particularly with maintaining the customer relationship and brand consistency. Conversation Couture customers are able to drive more sales within a virtual shopping experience while maintaining company and brand goals when engaging with a customer, making the transition seamless from an in-store experience to online.