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Cobrowsing & Screensharing

Enhance your digital interactions by providing guidance and recommendations to customers using our cobrowsing technology and screen-sharing solution. Cobrowsing allows agents to share your screen with customers in real-time. Elevate a standard text or video chat into a collaborative engagement that not only boosts revenue but also brings joy to your customers.

Cobrowse and share for deeper digital experiences

Engage your customers by guiding them through their online journey with easy-to-use cobrowsing. Instantly connect with just one click. With real-time sharing, your sales and services agents will literally be on the same page with your customers.

Whether you’re helping customers buy a particular product or complete a loan application, this real-time collaboration reduces friction and builds trusting relationships.

Add video chat to build trust

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Female Health and Beauty Agent and Customer Video Chat on Mobile, cobrowsing

Close more sales with digital hand-holding

Use the power of real-time collaboration including cobrowsing, sharing, and co-form filling to deepen relationships and increase conversions. Share documentation with secure file transfer to help seal the deal.

Show customers complementary products to cross-sell and upsell. Help them complete the online checkout process with Basket Assist to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Financial services professionals can strengthen relationships by visually guiding a customer through a loan application or highlighting investment portfolio performance.

Our Chatbots Cobrowse

If live help is unavailable, or your customer prefers self-service, your AI-powered chatbot won’t disappoint. It can use cobrowsing to navigate your customers to the information they’re seeking fast, anytime, day or night. Give customers the assistance they need when it’s most convenient for them.

Automate conversations to drive efficiency

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Keep customer data secure and private

Keeping your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) secure and private is essential. You can specify what information should be masked such as account numbers or phone numbers. Sensitive information never leaves the customer’s browser and is never seen by the agent. Your customers can rest assured that their information is safe.

Harness the power of Cobrowsing

Enhance the selling process to generate revenue, increase average order value (AOV), and lower shopping cart abandonment rates. Drive higher customer satisfaction scores and delight your customers.

From retailers to auto manufacturers, our customers use cobrowsing to help their customers try online car configurators, complete a mortgage application, or finalize a shopping cart transaction to close the sale.

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Transform your digital customer experience

Create a true omnichannel customer experience by bringing together multiple live engagement and self-service technologies including cobrowsing, sharing, and online collaboration as well as text chat, video chat, and online appointment setting. Seamlessly move customers throughout their journey from self-service to live assistance, from text to video, from customer service to sales, or from a virtual and an in-person engagement.

Rapidly scale your online business and seamlessly connect your virtual and in-person customer experience.

Build a better customer journey

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Mastering Digital Customer Engagement for Customer-Centric Teams

Before implementing your digital customer strategy, it’s important to first create a clear road map. Taking a step back to think about how your engagement technologies can best support the customer journey at every touchpoint is crucial for success. It’s also wise to first identify points of friction and prioritize use cases.

In the eBook, Mastering Digital Customer Engagement for Customer-Centric Teams,  you’ll discover a proven step-by-step approach from getting started through to development, implementation, and evaluation that will ensure a winning omnichannel experience.

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