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Co-Browsing: Your Gateway to Customer Connectivity

When you’re selling multiple products and services that cover different needs, customers will inevitably have questions, but will also want help navigating to the appropriate pages. What if your customer needs to find the relevant insurance page, or can’t find the right product? Or you’re helping them find the perfect car, or simply setting up an appointment with the right doctor. There are plenty of scenarios where your customers can have trouble navigating your website, and you need to be there, guiding them.

Be their Digital Sherpa:

With live-engagement and co-browsing, you become a digital guide. When your customers need to find their way to the right person or products and services, you’re right there, showing them the way. Your role online is the same as it would be in person. If you have a patient asking you what their insurance plan covers, you can take them to the right page. When a potential customer is looking for help in-person, you take them to the right section of the store or tell them when their doctor is available, this brings that experience to life online.

You want your customers to interact with you, and rely on you. By using co-browsing and live engagement, you are able to bring the in-person experience to life, online. Being able to give your customer the in-person experience regardless of location makes your service more contextual, convenient and personal. With everything done digitally, you can walk them through in-depth tasks such as filling out a credit form for furniture, navigating their insurance forms, or help them find the perfect car all from the comfort of their own homes.

This layer of convenience is important to you, and your customers. It not only gives your customers instantaneous resolution of their in-depth issues but also makes your team more efficient and effective. When in-depth solutions can be quickly and conveniently solved remotely, you can work with more customers and build deeper relationships with them.

Moving at the Speed of Your Customers:

When your customers want to purchase a car, a luxury product, or are looking for some help navigating their insurance, they want to find things efficiently.  Traditionally, you would have to meet your customers in person or they would be navigating your website without guidance. This makes it difficult for your customers to find the right product or services page. For more involved purchases, like a car, you can help your customers fill out their forms online, expediting the process.

Co-form fill allows you to fill out the form together – even when you can’t assist them to complete the form, you can watch them fill it in, to guide and correct them to ensure its accuracy

You can help them find the information they need to support a positive customer experience, and when you want an even more personal experience you can even video-chat your customer and give them a video walk-through of a car via your mobile phone’s camera, further bridging the gap between digital and in-person. Using co-browsing and co-form fills makes things move more quickly. You can guide your customers to the right page, features, and forms while filling out known information in any form accurately within the single customer engagement. Finally, it gives an opportunity to show your customers their solutions, instead of just telling them.

We all put a lot of time into our health, cars, and luxury products. Major decisions like buying a car or finding the right specialist takes time and thought. Being able to make those decisions online gives your customers more control of when and how they interact with you. By making co-browsing a part of your strategy, you will be able to help and retain more customers. Give your customers convenience, guidance, and you will build trust and life-long relationships.