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Online Car Buying Process: Live Engagement

Cars symbolize everything from family, to our livelihoods, to ultimate symbols of status and success. Therefore, buying a car is one of the most significant investments an individual makes, which usually means this is mostly a complex and stressful event. However, as the automobile industry moves online, that significant experience can be made very pleasurable and easy.

Consumers are very much ready for a more immersive digital experience when it comes to buying a car. 75% of customers say that if given the opportunity, they would consider completing the entire car-buying process online. With Vee24’s live engagement platform with mobile live streaming this is now a reality.

Sytner Group Live Video Chat

Customers can complete the entire car-buying process digitally without sacrificing the customer service available at a dealership.  Sitting in the comfort of their living room, a customer can meet an expert in a call center or at the dealership through live video chat, discuss their preferences, co-browse with the agent online, and even see cars in the showroom or the dealer lot through a live agent-side mobile camera.   The paperwork involved in actual purchase is made seamless through screen sharing and co-form fill.  Customers completing their entire auto-buying journey online, is no longer an idea for the future.

Already 80% of people seeking to purchase a new vehicle use some form of digital technology to research their options, familiarizing themselves with every aspect of a vehicle before they ever enter a store. 62% of customers initiate the car buying process digitally, and 53% percent say that they would be interested in an interactive display that provides information on the models available at a dealership. With co-browsing technology, experts can easily point out the features of various models, while text, video, and audio chat allow them to gather information about customers’ lifestyles and preferences, and answer any questions they may have.

Companies such as Land Rover, Lexus, and Audi have experienced success with Vee24’s software, using it to replicate and expand upon the experience of visiting a dealership. According to Jaguar’s Land Rover Global Retail Operations Director Colin Green, “Vee24’s live video engagement platform gives us the ability to mirror the personalized experience customers receive in our dealerships, on our website. We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen through this service, and we continue to see very high customer satisfaction scores.” And customers appreciate the concept of Live Engagement as well, citing the fact that it enables them to interact with dealerships outside of regular business hours. One satisfied customer was “amazed at this level of support on a Sunday evening” and went on to say, “It really raises the service bar.” Customers are already turning to digital platforms when it comes to embarking on the journey of buying a car, and they are ready to see even more. Live engagement is the next step in enabling a company to meet their customers at the beginning of that journey and successfully guide them throughout.