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Industry Brief

AI Applications for Retail Banking: Chatbots [Industry Brief]

Leveraging AI-Chatbots as Part of the Customer Online Journey

AI has revolutionized the world of chatBots. When considering deploying intelligent chatBOTs in the retail banking industry, there are foundational design components to consider and specific types to best handle your customer service needs.

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In this industry brief, you’ll get insights from Vee24’s CEO, Priya Iyer about common chatbot misconceptions and Vee24’s approach to building chatbots for financial institutions.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to use AI to meet the needs of customers and providers
  • Why AI can’t stand alone but instead needs to be supported by analytics
  • About three AI-powered BOTs from Vee24: Customer AssistBOTs, Agent AssistBOTs, and pro-active NugeBOTs


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