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How Chatbots improve Employee Experience

Everyone in the business ecosystem is a customer of someone else, your investors and partners, buyers and their networks, and most importantly, your customers themselves. Your employees are often the most overlooked stakeholders. We all focus on the customer experience, but we forget that employees are also internal customers.

Most AI BOTs in the current landscape are designed to be customer-facing. Depending on the BOT they are tapped into an organization’s knowledge base and they give customers links to appropriate pages or documents. These BOTs are also able to answer FAQs, and in some cases, take care of common processes such as a return, balance check, or booking time with your organization.

What Makes Employee Experiences so Valuable?

Research has repeatedly shown that customer experience and employee engagement’s values correlate. Companies that actively invest in employee experience outperform those that do not. Their average profit is 4.0x higher per employee, and their revenue is twice as large as those that don’t invest in employee experience.[1]

chatbots for employee expereince chart

Creating an Employee Experience

Whether you’re selling a car, shoes, helping your customers navigate their care process, or working with them on their financial assets, your employees have access to a wealth of data that is important to your customers. Agent-AssistBOTs or Employee AssistBOTs can give them the technological experience they need to more effectively perform their roles.

The Agent-AssistBOT

An Agent-AssistBOT helps your employees access that data when they are “live” with your customers. Whether that customer has interacted with a BOT before speaking to an agent or is simply a returning authenticated customer, the Agent-AssistBOT is ready to give your employees key information.

Previous interactions are immediately available, giving your agent that customer’s history, allowing your employees to quickly and effectively pinpoint your customer’s needs.

While your agent works with your visitor through their journey, the BOT feeds them key information from your CRM. While this is happening, the BOT also reminds the agent to ask key questions to make sure they are able to cover all of your visitors’ typical needs, enhancing your agent’s and customer’s experience.

An Agent-AssistBOT that Engages Employees:

Employees who have better experiences are more productive, and an Agent-AssistBOT is how you give your “employees access to consumer-grade technologies” [1]. By making customer and internal information more accessible, your employees can quickly complete critical tasks, while improving their personal experience.

Your employees have access to a wealth of internal data and customer information. While Agent-AssistBOTs act as intelligent repositories for customer information they can also be built to help your employees. An employee-focused (Agent) AssistBOT becomes a repository of employee knowledge. A well built AssistBOT can help your employees quickly and easily find the correct information. Some use cases could be:

  • A financial broker finding a niche specialist in their company
  • Healthcare providers needing a form for a particular need or procedure
  • Car salespeople who need the appropriate loan form
  • Guiding employees to appropriate HR documents

Between privacy concerns, products, forms, and compliance laws, policies, and an ever-evolving digital landscape your employees already have to contend with a lot of information. The AssistBOT is there to help streamline your employees’ experiences because 79% of companies with engaged employees had a significantly better customer experience than companies who didn’t.  And as we know smart, happy employees lead to greater profits.