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woman unpacking a box with her online shopping order

How Retailers Can Reduce Return Rates Without Compromise

Going the extra step of offering one-to-one video chats can further increase customer satisfaction and trust, as well as reduce the chance of a return.
Man using chatbot for customer service assistance

Meeting Customer Service Expectations and Guiding Customers

According to Forbes, 58% of customers will pay more for better customer service. Although pricing is important to customers, having high-quality customer service is crucial. Consumers demand 24/7 availability for customer service assistance, expecting agents
Is it Time for Retailers to Fulfill the Promise of Omnichannel Engagement?

Is it Time for Retailers to Fulfill the Promise of Omnichannel Engagement?

According to CB Insights, more than 90 percent of leading retailers either have an omnichannel strategy or plan to invest in omnichannel technology, while only eight percent think they have mastered omnichannel.
woman in wheelchair partaking in hybrid shopping

Meeting Corporate ESG Goals to Improve Accessibility by Embracing Hybrid Shopping

With nearly one in four adults facing mobility, cognitive, hearing, vision, or other limitations, it’s no wonder that accessibility has become a vital issue.
gen z shoppers

Connecting with Gen Z Shoppers on Their Terms

Gen Z consumers have unique personalities and preferences for how they like to interact with brands and differ significantly from previous generations. Read about establishing a trusting relationship with Zoomers.
woman selling cosmetics virtually

Three Insider Tips for Better Virtual Selling

Vee24 has been proud to partner with many companies to deploy technology that made the online customer experience seamless and captured growing ecommerce revenue from consumers that are more motivated than ever to shop online.