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Enhancing Financial Bonds with Live Engagement

Digitization and mobile banking continue to increase. Financial institutions are being confronted with customers focusing on ease of use and access first, causing the traditional branch-based model to become rapidly outdated. While internet and mobile banking creates efficiency on both sides, a real concern for financial institutions is the loss of relationship with the customer. The adoption of online banking has fundamentally shifted customer interactions with financial institutions to be much more transactional. Financial institutions, from banks, broker-dealers, asset management, and insurance companies, will have to take this into account when building strategic plans for their future.

“We bring the in-branch experience to online banking through live engagement, transforming the way institutions think about their branches”

To win customer loyalty today and in the future, innovative financial institutions are using live engagement solutions to meet their customers’ online. They do this by chatting and co-browsing with customers, bringing the in-branch experience on-line and providing a more personal touch in the process. The ability to ask for help during an internet banking session or scheduling an online video appointment with their retail branch manager, brings back the strong relationship that branches enabled.

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