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Digital-Enhanced Travel Services

Travel know-how and desires are unique to individuals and a traveler’s online booking options are limitless. To turn travel browsers into buyers, an online business operating in the travel industry needs to provide an exceptional customer experience. Incorporating live video assistance into your Web strategy is the best way travel companies can provide customized support for a distinctive and often complex purchase.

Live video assistance can help customers at different stages of the sales process depending on whether the traveler is booking flights, rental cars, cruises, hotels, other services or all of the above. Here are a few examples of live video help in action:

  • When a customer visits an airline site, they can initiate a one-on-one session to get help booking a flight with an agent.  By using a rules-based system, the airline can also invite consumers to a session based on how long they have been browsing the site, what page they are visiting or if they are a frequent client. This reduces the rate of abandonment and provides a great customer experience.
  • A car rental service can send an email campaign that includes a link to engage in a live video assistance session with an agent regarding their car rental upgrade option to boost loyalty with existing customers.
  • If a consumer is booking a cruise while working with an online agent, but needs more time to make some decisions, they can call back and connect to the same agent at a later date to complete the process with the representative they have worked with and now trust.
  • Using co-browsing, a hotel booking agent and a traveler can share Web pages, as well as non-browser content like PDFs and videos. This allows sales assistants to share images of hotel restaurants and rooms, maps of the area and other features, giving the consumer a level of comfort in completing the booking.
  • Agents across the travel sector can co-form fill with the travel customer to complete any booking and increase sales conversions. When sharing the same booking form, agents and consumers can make sure the form is complete and submitted, while keeping secure any confidential information.
  • All of these scenarios can be accomplished while in a one-on-one live video session in order to deliver the personal experience previously only reserved for the in-person travel agent.