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Analytics & Reporting

Power your digital engagement strategy with Analytics and Reporting. Gain robust business insights and customer feedback. Drive sales, maximize marketing initiatives, and optimize customer service.

Live supervisor and analytics report dashboards

Robust dashboards give managers the ability to monitor and respond to the dynamic nature of a live engagement center in real-time. The dashboard comes with drill-downs to deep-dive for insights, take action, and provide feedback to the team. Managers can assess detailed call volume, agent utilization, and other metrics to ensure the contact center is operating at peak efficiency.

Monitor in real-time

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Analytics and Reporting Dashboard on desktop
reporting dashboard

Lead conversion to sales attribution reporting

The Vee24 platform has an analytics dashboard that offers business intelligence at a glance, and an in-depth reporting suite to drill into specifics of your sales and marketing metrics, sales and service agent productivity, product insights, and a 360-view of the customer across live engagement channels.

Whether you’re looking to ensure each sale is properly attributed to the right sales agent, or tracking conversion rates and average order value by channel, our reporting has you covered.

Supercharge your sales

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Customer insight with every engagement

Satisfaction surveys at the end of every engagement provide a complete picture of your NPS and CSAT scores that you can slice and dice by team, agent, experience, and campaign. Tailor the survey to your most important metrics with our best practices.

Transform your digital experience by enabling sales and customer service teams to access the history of your customers’ interactions with your brand. Empower them to deliver a more personalized, and seamless customer experience.

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Customer 360 with integrations

Our platform has enterprise APIs that integrate with popular CRM systems. Increase the power of your business intelligence by combining data from different systems to get a holistic view. Vee24 supports integration to power your end-to-end customer journey analytics so you can measure outcomes and even ROI of your marketing campaign and website investments.