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Agent Productivity

Your team is essential to your success. Knowledgeable customer service and sales agents with the right tools are key to delivering a superior digital experience and driving online sales and increasing agent productivity.

Equip your sales and service agents for success

Person-to-person engagement drives online revenue and customer satisfaction. With the right tools — text chat with canned messages, the ability to guide a customer journey with cobrowsing, and a flexible camera setup — your agents can engage smoothly and knowledgeably with your customers.

Deliver exceptional customer service

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Agent with headset using live video chat to show customer product agent productivity

Sell more with face-to-face video chat

Empower your sales agents to offer personalized, consultative product and service engagements with video chat. Increase online conversions and average order value (AOV) with this immersive experience.

Create a virtual boutique to offer concierge service or a dark store that keeps your agents selling and motivated.

Give sales agents a winning edge

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Give your agents customer data at their fingertips

The Vee24 platform provides a full-featured CRM tool. Track customer activity, opportunities, and live engagements as well as capture important notes and chat transcripts. Use the data to help budget and anticipate incoming sales, build out email campaign lists, and judge agent success.

Our platform integrates with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and most CRMs that accept APIs for integration.

Vee24 Reporting Dashboard on Desktop agent management
appointment setting from different devices agent productivity

Better prepare with online appointment setting tools

Online appointment setting is good for the customer and good for the agent. By letting customers provide details of their interests or questions during scheduling, your agent can be better prepared to turn every engagement into a new sale or high customer satisfaction score.

Scheduled appointment slots can be offered during an agent’s downtime to help maximize efficiencies of resources across all teams.

Offer greater convenience with appointment scheduling

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Leverage checklists and workflows

Provide automatic notifications of missing data to help agents gather all the required customer information with our configurable checklists. Our multi-step workflow guides agents through the desired list of tasks after an engagement such as ensuring notes are correct, updating systems, and sending automated follow-up emails.

Make follow up easy

Fast, efficient follow-up is often essential to a successful customer engagement. Agents can send emails directly from the Vee24 platform using customizable templates, and follow up with product information, attachments, and more. Easy follow-up allows them to move on to the next engagement quickly.

Task Checklist and Workflow for Agents during Engagements agent productivity
Analytics and Reporting Dashboard on desktop

Inspect what you expect

Monitor and assist your customer service and sales agents in real time, remotely, or in person. With the right tools, your supervisors can keep your customer service agents and sales consultants on message, productive, and motivated.

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Mastering Digital Customer Engagement for Customer-Centric Teams

Before implementing your digital customer strategy, it’s important to first create a clear road map. Taking a step back to think about how your engagement technologies can best support the customer journey at every touchpoint is crucial for success. It’s also wise to first identify points of friction and prioritize use cases.

In the eBook, Mastering Digital Customer Engagement for Customer-Centric Teams,  you’ll discover a proven step-by-step approach from getting started through to development, implementation, and evaluation that will ensure a winning omnichannel experience.