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About Us

The fastest way to grow your digital business.

Our mission

Our mission is to help brands around the world accelerate their digital business. We believe that when a company delivers a great customer experience revenue and business growth follow. We also believe that humans are a cornerstone of a great customer experience. For considered purchases, people want to connect to people, for complex support, people want to connect with people.

Today we are in the digital era. Websites and online channels are becoming the biggest store, showroom, or bank branch as businesses from retailers to banks try to grow in hyper-competitive markets. When we launched Vee24 in 2013, our goal was to offer brands a way to connect face-to-face in the virtual world to maximize sales and build trust. Video chat was born. Since then the solution has expanded to support unlimited use cases from customer service inquiries at scale to highly consultative virtual boutique experiences.

We are dedicated to helping brands connect with their customers person-to-person and optimize their virtual experience across channels to grow sales, customer satisfaction, and lifetime value.

Why Vee24

Our person-to-person digital customer experience platform combines the power of live human connections with the scalability of automation to deliver a digital customer experience that drives business growth. Built for video and powered by video and text chat; real-time collaboration with co-browsing and screen sharing; online appointment scheduling; AI-enabled chatbots, and more, businesses can connect throughout the customer journey.

Our solution provides an omnichannel experience in a single platform. Optimized to support person-to-person engagement, the platform excels at allowing brands to create a white-glove, highly consultative experience online. Intelligent chatbots can provide automated service 24/7 and act as a virtual concierge properly routing customers to the right person at the right time. Whatever your customer journey our solution allows brands to connect with customers on their preferred channel when they want.

We work closely with every client to deliver a solution tailored to meet its unique digital needs. And, we back it with an expert team of client success professionals to ensure a digital experience that “wows” while meeting business growth goals.

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Your success is our success

Our client success team works closely with each client to ensure they are maximizing the ROI made possible with the Vee24 platform.

Our commitment to each client — to work with you to understand your business needs, design and configure the solution, employ best practices, train your agents, and integrate into your existing systems to deliver your digital customer experience and business objectives. We will continue to work with you evaluating reports and deploying a test-and-learn strategy to further optimize performance and results.

Recognition & Awards