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Vee24 Expands Asynchronous Messaging Capabilities, Adding Facebook Messenger and SMS

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Vee24 Empowers Customer Service with Async Expansion

June 6, 2023 Vee24, the leader in person-to-person digital customer experience solutions, is proud to announce the recent launch of its expansion of async messaging. Along with the already released Whatsapp Integration, our award-winning customer experience platform now supports Facebook Messenger and SMS. These new features empower brands to extend their reach and engage with customers through their preferred communication channels.

Vee24’s digital platform equips customer-centric teams with a range of tools to drive online sales growth, deliver exceptional customer service, and foster brand loyalty. Through high-definition video chat, text chat, AI-enabled chatbots, cobrowsing, screen sharing, and online appointment setting, brands can now also leverage asynchronous chat via Whatsapp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. By integrating Vee24’s solution into the website and social media channels, brands can meet customers in their preferred channels, enabling 24/7 communication.

With Vee24’s unified platform, customer service agents can now handle incoming Live Chat messages, as well as asynchronous SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp conversations all within a single interface. This streamlines agent productivity, enhances performance, and contributes to overall customer satisfaction. Since the successful launch of Whatsapp, customers have expressed their delight in connecting with companies through trusted and familiar communication channels. 

Customers have the flexibility to initiate conversations via inbound messages from their mobile devices using their mobile provider’s SMS service. Those who prefer Facebook Messenger can engage with brands through the Facebook App or via links provided on the brand’s website. These messages are seamlessly directed to the agent hub, allowing agents to efficiently handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Agents can conclude calls with surveys, providing valuable insights that feed into Vee24’s comprehensive reporting suite

“Integrating SMS and Facebook Messenger is a win-win for consumers and sales agents alike,” said Tomer Azenkot, CEO. “By leveraging Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, Live Video, and Text Chat, brands can expand their reach and meet customers where they are. This integration not only delivers exceptional customer experience across various mediums but also streamlines call centers as agents can handle communications with customers across different channels within the Vee24 platform. It’s efficient, user-friendly, and is everything that a customer and customer service agent needs.” This new feature further strengthens Vee24’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and redefining e-commerce experiences.

About Vee24

Vee24 helps leading brands deliver great person-to-person customer experiences that accelerate their digital business. Vee24’s digital customer experience platform — powered by high-definition video chat, text chat, AI-enabled chatbots, co-browsing, screen sharing, online appointment setting, and more — enables customer-centric teams to grow online sales, deliver better customer service, and build brand loyalty. Brands can seamlessly connect their virtual and in-person experience using this omnichannel customer engagement platform. Vee24 is headquartered in Boston, MA with European headquarters in Macclesfield, England. Vee24 customers include leading industry brands in the retail, automotive, and financial services sectors.

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