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Man using chatbot for customer service assistance

Meeting Customer Service Expectations and Guiding Customers

Man using chatbot for customer service assistance

According to Forbes, 58% of customers will pay more for better customer service. Although pricing is important to customers, having high-quality customer service is crucial. Consumers demand 24/7 availability for customer service assistance, expecting agents ready at their disposal. And while there are many tried and tested channels, such as text chat and phone, these methods alone aren’t enough to give customers experiences that solve issues quickly and build trust. New trends and technologies are leading the way to the best customer experience. In particular, chatbots and cobrowse can help transform and elevate your customer service experience above your competitors.

Chatbots: anytime, anywhere.

Chatbots can be available 24 hours daily, driving interactions and resolutions without human escalation. As a result, customers get the help they need when they need it. But chatbots aren’t a replacement for agents- they’re a great tool! Bots can give agents more time to delve deeper into complex inquiries. With Vee24, chatbots manage simple and frequently asked questions and seamlessly transfer to a human agent when the engagement needs the human touch. This hybrid engagement between a bot and a human creates a more positive experience. 

What else makes Vee24 chatbots unique? From polite chit-chat, quick responses, agent escalation, and cobrowse, they make customer service easy for both agent and customer. Eastern Bank implemented chatbots to create friction-free online customer journeys. With this implementation, they had a 33% reduction in time to resolution. Additionally,  they helped customers who needed additional assistance book one-on-one appointments with experts, leading to 35% of all online appointments being scheduled using the chatbot.

Guiding the customer. 

With so many options online, finding the right product or page can be overwhelming for customers. That’s why cobrowsing is a considerable advantage, allowing agents or chatbots to guide the customer through the website. Features such as screen-share enable the agent to view the same webpage as the customer and pave the way for personal services, collaboration, and form filling. With the ability to cobrowse by chatbots or human agents, no matter the time or place, customers can receive the right help and guidance anytime and anywhere. Agents can guide the customer from product discovery to purchase, ultimately helping to close deals and boosting company sales through cobrowse. 

Using video chat alongside cobrowse further enhances the virtual experience for customers. With the Vee24 solution, after searching through products via cobrowse, the agents can use video chat to walk around a store or showroom and give customers an up-close look. Customers are more likely to purchase luxury goods online after seeing the product through cobrowse and video chat. During the pandemic, DFS took on the virtual shopping feature allowing customers to shop guided by an agent while they remained home. With an average 93% NPS score and a 15% increase in AOV, implementing this for DFS has been a proven success. 

Meet and exceed customer expectations.

A disconnected experience will drive customers away, so creating a seamless experience for customers is vital for the success of your organization. Businesses that don’t meet their customers’ needs see higher customer churn and are starting to understand that live engagement tools are a necessary investment that delivers excellent service, creates brand loyalty, and grows sales.

Whether the live engagement is by video, text, or chatbot, the Vee24 platform can create seamless and friction-free service. Customers can control how they engage with brands, and engagements can be initiated from your website, emails, search engine, and other methods. Meeting customer needs, resolving issues quickly, and utilizing cobrowse and chatbots create a better experience for customers, and they will stay loyal to your brand. 



To see how chatbots and cobrowse can help satisfy customers’ demands and increase loyalty, get in touch with Vee24 to schedule a demo.