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team working together using sticky notes digital customer engagement

Partnering for Effective Digital Customer Engagement

team working together using sticky notes digital customer engagement

Businesses are struggling to navigate today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, and the stakes have never been higher. If they don’t keep pace with change, they won’t survive. Digital channels are now the preferred way to research, browse, and shop for most consumers. Digital is also winning a lot of business over physical retail stores, bank branches, and even car dealerships.

First impressions matter

Your digital presence is crucial to your business and your brand, and when you factor in the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s even more urgency to get your website up to speed since more people are online than ever before.

When someone visits your website, you only have a few moments to make a good impression. If they can’t easily find what they’re looking for or struggle to get the help that they need, they’ll most likely move on to another site that offers better assistance and a more compelling customer experience.

The right digital customer engagement partner is key to your success

Adding digital customer engagement to your website is the “x-factor” that will elevate your brand and customer experience. For instance, using video chat adds eye contact and a smile to an otherwise impersonal online interaction. Cobrowsing offers real-time collaboration and a clearer path to information. AI-powered chatbots deliver customer service quickly and efficiently and can seamlessly transfer more complex engagements to live assistance.

But before an organization gets too enamored by the allure of cool tech, it’s important to ensure that it’s well designed to meet your businesses’ unique needs, and that your whole organization is on board with the upcoming change. You should also feel confident that it will perform as promised, be utilized to its full potential, and will scale when needed. And if a technology rollout doesn’t meet key milestones identified in the first few months, you most likely will be dealing with unmet expectations and disappointment.

In other words, you can’t just set it and forget it and neither should your technology vendor. Finding the right partner is paramount to your success.

11 important qualities to look for when choosing a vendor

Working with a knowledgeable digital customer engagement technology vendor is indeed just as important as the technology platform itself. Choosing the right vendor is similar to entering into a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor since you need to feel confident that you’re in good hands. A skilled customer engagement technology partner is:

  1. 100% committed to your success. Your success is their core mission and woven into everything they do rather than just an afterthought.
  2. An empathetic listener. They don’t just talk about how fabulous their technology is. A good partner will also help uncover your pain points and understand both your internal and external challenges and vision for the future. And they can also easily identify specific use cases.
  3. Experienced in your industry. They understand your business from the inside out and bring best practices to bear and adapt them to your needs.
  4. Experts in what they do. They’re true experts in multi-experience technologies such as chatbots, video, and cobrowsing with years of experience under their belt.
  5. Insightful and trustworthy. They offer proven best practices, insights, and are easy to work with.
  6. Collaborative. They know how to work in partnership with you from creating strategy and building a design, to implementation, and beyond.
  7. Responsive and able to work at your pace. They can get your website up and running quickly while making sure the details are in order, so it’s nimble, efficient, and effective on day one.
  8. Agile. They have the tools to monitor performance and progress and can change gears and tweak when needed. They can also help you scale and identify new opportunities down the line to future-proof your investment.
  9. Focused on your business priorities. They have a good onboarding, training, and adoption plan, so everyone sees the benefits in the broader picture, and the tech is being used to its full potential.
  10. They’re the complete package. Their engagement solution is robust enough to handle all your omnichannel needs, plus they offer additional outsourcing services when you don’t have the all resources at your disposal.
  11. In it for the long haul. Their partnership with you is not short-lived. You can count on them to be by your side for years to come as your business grows.

Let Vee24 be your digital engagement “a” team

At Vee24, we possess those qualities and more. We’re trusted by world-class brands and continue to raise the bar for online customer experience. Our customers enjoy fantastic results including:

  • 5x uplift in conversion vs. unassisted users
  • 35% increase in average order value
  • 83% increase in first call resolution
  • 45% reduction in call volumes
  • 40% reduction in average handle time
  • 96% average customer experience rating

We know how to deliver an immersive, omnichannel experience that will “wow” your customers and turn your website into your largest store, branch, or dealership.

Our professional services and customer success teams use our proven Power Up methodology from “inking” the deal, to custom design, strategy, configuration, implementation, onboarding, and launch. And after a successful launch, we’ve only just begun. We’ll provide the digital roadmap needed to make sure you stay the course until you reach success. In the first 90 days from going live, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you’re using our technology platform to its full potential, so you achieve the engagement and conversion results you’d expect. After the first 90 days, we’ll continue partnering with you as you move to your next milestone.

“Vee24’s proven platform and experience client success team have enabled us to move quickly to expand our online experience and deliver a virtual boutique. The professionalism, enthusiasm, and hard work of the Vee24 team, in such a short time frame too, never ceases to amaze me.”
— Ian Warwick, Director of e-Commerce, the Watches of Switzerland Group.

What truly sets our professional services apart is the in-depth knowledge, empathy, and expert resources we offer. For instance, if you don’t have the resources for a digital or AI team, we can be your digital or AI team. We can even help in your efforts to get all internal stakeholders onboard for we understand that going digital isn’t always easy.

And if you’re looking to expand your customer service team or contact center, you can outsource that function to us as well. Our PACE Center allows customers to outsource a fully-featured and managed live video, voice, and text chat service seven days a week.

Good technology is important, but it will never be a tour de force you need without the help of a committed and skilled implementation partner like Vee24.

Learn more about our professional services today!