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woman sitting with her legs crossed looking at smart device live engagement

Jump-Start 2021 with Live Engagement

woman sitting with her legs crossed looking at smart device live engagement

In this recent article published by Total Retail you can read about how it could be make-or-break for many retailers after a challenging year. This year, 71 percent of U.S. adults will purchase more than half of their holiday gifts online. Online retail will be more important than ever for the 2020 holiday season, as many consumers hesitate to leave the comfort of their homes and brick-and-mortar stores remain shuttered.

How can retailers take advantage of the coming onslaught of online holiday shoppers to acquire new customers, build loyalty and increase sales? The key to capturing this market is to provide an online experience that matches or exceeds the in-person experience. Live engagement and real-time collaboration technologies can help a retailer provide just that — the tailored, responsive online shopping experience that customers experience in-store.

Vee24 is a live customer engagement platform that combines intelligent automated and live engagement tools that can help retailers attract new customers and expand existing relationships by bringing the in-person experience online. This holiday season will see record-breaking online traffic. Proven technologies that facilitate an online customer experience that measures up to that great in-store experience will give retailers a true competitive advantage now and going forward.

Priya Iyer is board chair and CEO of Vee24, an AI-enabled SaaS platform for the best live customer engagements.

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