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Woman With Tripod Set Up Using Live Video Engagement To Show Haul Of Different Clothing

A New Definition of “Webinar” for Consumer Brands and Businesses

woman with tripod set up using live video engagement to show haul of different clothing

Merriam Webster defines a webinar as ‘a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.’ Sounds kind of boring, right? Not so with live video! 

Imagine a private, invitation-only online event during which a select group of your most qualified customers watches their favorite celebrity style a summer wardrobe. While sitting in the comfort of their living rooms, your customers have a front-row seat, can ask questions, chat, share tips, and enjoy a seamlessly curated event. Or, picture a product specialist walking through your car showroom providing a 20-minute overview of key features in your newest electric vehicle. With live streaming of a 360 view of the car’s exterior and high definition close-ups of interior features, you can turn potential buyers still kicking the tires into test drives and customers. Or, you can show all the tips for enjoying their new car to recent buyers to create raving fans.

Whether you’re educating your customers on new financial products and services, showcasing a new car, or demonstrating the latest fashion or home building must-have tools, adding live video webinars to your online engagement strategy provides a powerful tool to create unique campaigns that generate qualified buyers.

VeeWebinar takes a regular web conferencing experience to the next level, liberating customers and potential customers from the often flat, one-way broadcast format many of us have become accustomed to. The platform amps up the one-to-one video chat functionality to enable live, engaging demonstrations to a one-to-many audience – small group or large, scheduled or not, with no download needed. The result is a truly immersive experience which helps you be as dynamic online as you are at a gathering in a brick-and-mortar location.

Why offer video streaming webinars? 

Live video stream webinars offer businesses an immersive forum for educating consumers about their products, their area of expertise, and gives them an opportunity to showcase the essence of their brand. Replicating an in-store product demonstration event, bringing the in-showroom experience to a group of potential car buyers, or walking through the intricacies of wellness provides a unique and powerful opportunity to engage consumers.  And, with the video streaming market projected to be worth $184.2 B by 2027, the medium’s popularity among consumers and businesses is booming.  

How does VeeWebinar work? 

VeeWebinar uses high definition video streaming. The mobile presenter app allows the host to provide close-ups of product details such as the interior of a car while server-side mounted cameras provide a more panoramic view. Participants can join from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and ask questions easily, either by virtually raising their hands, or by using the Q&A bubble and text chat panel. VeeWebinar supports small or large group events, ad hoc or scheduled, public or private, with no download needed. The result is a fully immersive experience which is flexible enough to support the unique requirements of product or service demonstrations in industries as diverse as automotive, to financial services, to healthcare or retail.

As an example, VeeWebinar is used by Hyundai Germany so that customers can join a virtual “visit” to the showroom and inspect available cars. Interested customers still get an in-showroom experience even if they aren’t ready to engage one-on-one with an agent. By using online video engagement, Hyundai Germany has seen their online to test drive conversions increase.

What are the benefits of VeeWebinar? 

The technology landscape is rich in options for live video streaming. Zoom, Webex, and GoToWebinar are just a few of the vendors offering a flavor of this technology. VeeWebinar offers the same standard capabilities – scheduling and hosting, registration and attendance management, recording, – but, unlike other products, it ramps up the experience by allowing hosts to seamlessly move among cameras on the laptop, to smartphone, to wall mounted – go wide or zoom in, walk around the store, show at any angle. It comes with a fully integrated CRM for lead capture and provides the ability for your sales team to seamlessly move a qualified attendee to a 1-on-1 conversation, digitally holding their hands as they place selected items, in their preferred size and color, in their shopping cart. 

How can VeeWebinar integrate into lead acquisition initiatives?

VeeWebinar gives marketers the ability to create unique campaigns from exclusive, paid, online events with high profile hosts to regularly scheduled product demonstrations that are open to all. 

VeeWebinar facilitates lead generation and tracking by making the registration process – whether paid or free – straightforward. When promoting upcoming webinar events, you can easily embed registration links in your emails, social media, advertising, and website. Participants can also join a webinar that is already underway– just as they would walk by and join an in-store demonstration.  

During the webinar, the host can use links to additional information and promotional offers to share with participants during the Q&A session. For example, highly qualified participants can be offered a one-to-one video chat engagement immediately after the webinar or at a time that is convenient for them creating immediate conversion to the next level of qualification. The solution also allows you to run detailed reports and analytics on your webinar’s attendance rate, engagement level, and bounce rates. As our platform integrates easily with the any CRM, you can also run analytics on conversion to sales.  

Is VeeWebinar difficult to use? 

Our aim is to put high-quality video streaming within the reach of any marketing, sales, or customer success professional. To that end, the technology is designed to be highly intuitive. The solution includes user-friendly tools for scheduling and registering, as well as for hosting and conducting Q&A sessions.  Moving from a laptop camera to a mobile to wall-mounted is seamless with the touch of a button. In addition to working closely with customers on technology implementation, our Client Success team provides a unique Power Up Experience including customer journey workshops and user training to ensure a smooth launch and ongoing optimization of the continuously learning technology. Robust reporting and analytics are provided as well.

Does a webinar need to be secure? 

Ongoing best practice requires that businesses use the tools that offer their customers the highest levels of security and data privacy. The Vee24 platform is compliant with security and privacy certifications including GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC-2, SOX, PCI and more.

Final thoughts 

VeeWebinar is an exciting tool on its own – but it truly shines when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign and broader live engagement strategy. When combined with other engagement technologies, like AI-enabled chatbots, a marketer has the ability to create customer journeys that move people from an automated chat to an ad hoc, visual webinar or to introduce an exclusive on-line event.  VeeWebinar makes it easy to reach out to a broad customer base while still maintaining a sense of one-on-one connection. The tool is a great way to generate and follow up on leads; it’s also a way to retain customers. That’s because it allows you to create personalized user interactions at a greater scale than ever before. As part of a marketing and customer success strategy, VeeWebinar is a great tool to expand a marketer’s creativity. 

So, let’s redefine webinar as ‘a live, visually engaging online event during which hosts can replicate 360-degree, in-person demonstrations and participating viewers get a front row seat, can submit questions and comments and easily act on presented offerings from the convenience of their home’.