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A Man And Woman Using Video Engagement To Talk To Representive Through Mobile Tablet To Sketch Out A Blueprint

Video Chat Brings Immersive, Personalized Customer Engagement to Online Banking

a man and woman using video engagement to talk to representive through mobile tablet to sketch out a blueprint

In this recent article published by Global Banking and Finance Review  you can learn about live engagement solutions that range from AI-driven, deep learning chatbots that provide 24/7 service to video chat, co-browsing, and co-form fill solutions that offer a more personalized banking experience across multiple channels and devices. Now more than ever, it’s critical that websites and mobile apps engage current and potential customers to provide convenient, accessible banking anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Live Video Chat Assistance
A live engagement platform offers one-to-one video chat support so that customers can feel secure handling their finances through a conversation. Video chat replicates an in- branch visit by allowing eye contact between customer and agent, while providing reassurance in a private conversation. During a live conversation, a representative can easily add in a banking product expert or the other joint account holder to the call within seconds, through multi-party engagements. If additional support is needed, the representative can also schedule appointments at a later time that is convenient to the customer.

This article highlights the full range of options that, used together, can raise the level of online customer experience to new heights.

Priya Iyer is chairman and CEO at Vee24.

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