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Virtual Dealerships with Video Chat

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You are automatically at a disadvantage buying a car. You have to go to their turf, you’re the away team. On top of that, your limited in your selection because you most likely don’t want to drive hours on end to find the car your looking for just to save a few bucks; and if you do decide to make the drive, dealers take advantage of that because you now have the attitude “if I drove all this way, I better leave with a car.” To continue with the point, if you want to compare numbers from different dealers, it’s nearly impossible to get their best number over the phone, which means more time spent driving to different dealers just to find the best price on the car you want. How do I know all this? I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find my next car. I can tell you firsthand if the dealers I spoke to had the power of Live Engagement on their website, it would have made this ongoing process significantly easier for me the customer and less time consuming than it has been. 

For starters, the amount of time you spend waiting on hold to speak to someone at a dealership for a car that you’re interested in, all to end up leaving a voicemail; not to mention the process of navigating the archaic phone menus, “press 1 for sales”, etc.. With Vee24’s AI Customer Assist chatbot, while browsing the website, the bot can find out if a salesman is available to speak now and if not, it can schedule a call so that you don’t have to wait around. The bot will ask for the customers information and relay to the someone in sales at the dealership for them to call you at the desired time. The bot can schedule test drives, co-browse with me on the site, answer FAQ questions, and even schedule appointments without even needing to talk to anyone. 

Vee24’s software would help customers with what I was complaining about in the first paragraph so extensively, eliminate driving to dealerships just to find the best deal. Being honest, test driving cars is fun, but unless you know the numbers on financing and you are happy with the deal you are getting on the car, then you have a wasted experience. With Vee24’s live chat and live video, you are connected to someone at the dealership who can guide you through any questions about the car. The live agent can also guide you through the website if there were any other questions you had. Here you can talk numbers, ask questions about finance and get the best deal from each dealer you speak to, just as you would at the dealership, except this can now be done without ever leaving your house thanks to the power of Live Engagement and Vee24.

In a world devoid of covid-19, Vee24’s numerous solutions for the automotive industry would still be extremely useful for both customers and dealers and save both parties tremendous amounts of time, leading to happier customers and more sales for dealers. However, unfortunately, we do not live in a world devoid of covid-19, which makes Vee24’s solutions even more useful. In a time where people are only leaving their house when necessary, the last thing people want to be doing is driving from dealer to dealer, especially when it can all be done from home now thanks to Vee24. Your dealership deserves Live Engagement.  Your customers want a concierge level experience.  Check out what Vee24 can do for your business.