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The Future of Live Engagement is Here as Vee24 Launches V11 Intelligent Conversational Experience

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The New Platform Raises the Bar for Live Digital Customer Engagement

BOSTON, MA – June 17, 2020 – Vee24, the leader in intelligent, conversational, multi-experience solutions, today announced the launch of its latest release, raising the bar for live online customer engagement. The release is currently live in production with more than 100 clients globally who are using the platform to allow sales, marketing, and service agents to collaborate with customers in ways that were not previously possible.

“Our modular solution is easy to use with pre-configured industry best practices and secure collaboration tools, seamlessly integrated for a true omni-channel engagement to deliver a personalized digital experience,” said Priya Iyer, Chairman and CEO of Vee24. “Our clients, on average, benefit from more than 35 percent net new revenue, 45 percent operational savings, and 95 percent customer satisfaction ratings, driving real value and customer loyalty.”

Customers today craft their own journey to connect with companies, demanding a consistent, unified brand experience physically or virtually. Digital conversations are not just about chat but bringing the full experience of a retail store, automotive showroom, or bank branch online, allowing customers to truly experience products, get “in-person” consultative advice from experts, and make informed and timely purchase or service decisions. Vee24’s evolution provides our clients with multiple new innovations on a proven platform, helping scale their digital customer engagements while elevating the ROI of their existing tools and physical assets.

“Across marketing, sales, and customer service, the platform has targeted solutions to help create differentiated strategies for businesses,” said Iyer. “Teams can now drive leads by embedding live engagement in web ads, social media, and email campaigns, qualify them using our family of BOTs and convert and assist the qualified leads through five significant features of the new release: VeeWebinar, VeeMessenger, VeeVoice, VeeScheduler, and VeeSupervisor.”

The latest release has out-of-the-box integrations with major CRM solutions including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and others. VeeChat for Salesforce and Zendesk allow customer service teams to stay within their CRM environment while using the platform. Robust two-way integrations with these CRMs improve customer and agent experiences and keep data centralized and highly accessible.

Numerous clients are already seeing success using the platform including Samsung, Hyundai Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Eastern Bank, KBC Bank, DFS Group, Watches of Switzerland Group, Schuh, etc.

“Using Vee24’s live engagement platform to provide a high-quality concierge service across all of our websites has ultimately given us a competitive edge, and conversion has increased exponentially when a customer is able to engage and receive personalized service from a real agent,” said Ian Warwick, Ecommerce Director, Watches of Switzerland Group plc. “This live engagement has been critical in recent times as it has meant we could keep in touch ‘personally’ and support our loyal and valued customers.”

Vee24 is a leader in broadly and successfully delivering solutions that enhance live engagement for companies wanting a premier customer experience. The new release raises the bar on live engagement technology. The platform is proven to advance both the customer and the agent experience, dramatically increasing online sales, and significantly improving customer satisfaction, while reducing costs. Vee24 clients in financial services, retail, automotive, and healthcare have witnessed a five-fold increase in conversions, a 35 percent increase in AOV, and an average CSAT score of 90+, utilizing its leading ChatBOT, video, co-browse, and text-chat capabilities. The platform takes live engagement to the next level and transforms the way companies interact with their customers, turning an exceptional online experience into a unique competitive advantage.

About Vee24

Vee24 is an intelligent, conversational, multi-experience platform for customer-centric teams. The easy-to-use, modular solution is pre-configured to meet industry best practices. The platform provides seamless integration of conversational tools such as ChatBOTs, messaging, live text, voice, and video chat with collaboration tools such as co-browse and screen share for a personalized digital experience. Vee24’s platforms are proven to advance the customer experience, dramatically increasing sales, and significantly improving customer service. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA with European headquarters in Manchester, England. Vee24 supports top brands in the financial services, retail, automotive, and healthcare sectors. For more information, visit