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Hyundai’s Online Showroom: Corona Boom

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Original publication date was 5/20/20

Author: Viktoria Hahn

Digital customer advice in the car trade is currently experiencing an upswing – probably due in part to the corona pandemic. Hyundai feels this is a development from a significant increase in traffic to its online showroom, where interested parties can find out about the latest models from the Korean manufacturer via live video chat. According to the importer, the requests on the page after the start of the lockdown measures on March 23 increased by more than 50 percent.

Overall, the Hyundai Germany format has attracted more than 62,000 clicks from prospective customers since it started in February. On average, such a consultation via video telephony takes around 15 minutes. However, the importer is still struggling with relatively high dropout rates of around 20 percent.

The software provider for the project, Vee24/Level 4.0 attributes. around half of the dropouts to technical problems on the customer side. Some customer devices lack the correct technology – for example there is no microphone on the computer, the operating system of the device is out of date or the internet connection is too bad. In order to rule out at least one unstable connection from the provider in the future, the fiber optic connection was expanded in mid-May in the online showroom in Lower Franconian Elsenfeld.

10 to 15 percent of those interested cancel the conversation immediately, even though the software successfully puts them through to a consultant. This user behavior is much more difficult to analyze. However, the project team assumes that the potential customers are surprised and somewhat shocked that a real consultant is actually switched on live. Many probably expect a ready-made 360-degree view or a chat window. According to Hyundai, this dropout rate can be reduced if customers are more familiar with the concept. In this form, the online showroom is so far unique.

Despite these challenges, the importer has already been able to pass on more than 100 highly qualified “hot leads” to dealers – the sale is said to continue to take place exclusively at Hyundai contract partners in the trade. According to the group, the interested parties are very far in their purchase decision, want to make further specific information or make a test drive appointment.

Since February 8, Hyundai Germany has been offering its customers advice on the Internet. Interested parties can get information live seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for twelve hours. For this purpose, the importer has set up a 350 square meter exhibition space in Elsenfeld in northern Bavaria. There are four models, which are exchanged depending on the timeliness and demand. Seven trained consultants are responsible for the presentation of the vehicles.


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