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two millenials sitting with shopping bag infront of them

Millenials Have Always Been Living In The New Normal

Online shopping has been present in everyday life since the internet craze hit in the late 1990’s, especially for Gen Z and the millennial generation. As of late, it is becoming “the” way of shopping life for every generation. Before Covid-19 online shopping was popular but not the only option. Customers were able to go in store and ask questions, see the product and get that one on one customer service . Now, that option isn’t available for the foreseeable future.

There are so many benefits with  online shopping, such as, the comfort of not having to leave your couch, getting what you want shipped directly to you, no hassle of having to actually go somewhere, fight traffic and waiting lines and of course, getting the product you want. 

There are also many benefits to brick and mortar shopping as well, face to face reaction, questions answered, viewing the product live and making sure the color is what you see online or in the magazine. 

Customers were able to get to a point where they developed their routine and habits in which method they liked best.  Online shopping or brick and mortar. But, now it’s all changed. 

So what does that mean for retailers? It means they need to become more innovative because customers still have questions, they still want to see the product. The fact of the matter is that your customers are still going to crave that personal touch. 

The big question now is, how do I provide that to my customers online? Simple, provide them with Live Engagement technology. 

Live Engagement will be able to still hold true to regular online shopping but also give the added benefits of being in a brick and mortar store. Live engagement will allow retailers to digitally hold the online customers’ hands, greet them in their shopping journey, answer questions or make suggestions on complimentary products for consideration.  It is truly  the best of both worlds for your customers! 

If a customer has a question about the product, a sales representative from your company can use  Text Chat to answer any of the shoppers questions! 

If a customer wants to be able to view the product, a customer service agent can go live on Video Chat with them and allow them to show and to see the product. 

If a customer has just regular generic questions that are simple to answer then our personalized ChatBOT will be able to handle the job, 24×7. 

Vee24’s Live Engagement Technology gives your company the ability to be able to transform your online store and give your customers and sales people the ability to interact and deliver a V.I.P. level of differentiated service you customers want. 

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