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Being Successful In The New Normal

The automotive industry has a number of business issues up in the air  at the moment, which is likely to be permanent for  the safety side of the company. To continue to meet customers and show off the automobiles, automotive manufacturers and dealerships like Hyundai and Sytner Group have turned to live engagement digital solutions.  

A digital experience for the customers to have with a dealership can be a lot more convenient in many ways as the standard dealership opening times are 9-5, but people’s jobs are also 9-5. How can dealerships meet the customer and vice versa?

The live engagement digital experience technology allows the customer to be in their own comfort zone of their own home or business office and engage with the auto salesperson digitally on the automotive website. With many companies adapting to the live engagement solution of text, voice or video chat, co-browsing and screen sharing or launching a family of chatBOTs into their website, they are driving better customer experiences, increasing car test drives and building a great experience for online shoppers. This allows not only for the sales specialist to assist the online customers, but also for the customer to get the help they need across multiple channels and beyond the hours of 9-5 to get the assistance they need. 

Companies that have invested in live engagement solutions, either before or during the COVID restrictions, know the benefits of allowing employees to work from home with the ideal set up requiring just a computer or mobile device with a browser and camera along with  access to the internet to engage with the customer.

ChatBOTs are a simple answer to manning your website and an easy way to guide the customer around the website without the help of a sales specialist as these can run for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist customers. With the power of AI ChatBOTs they can be deployed and set up on the companies web pages to help on certain pages or simply to answer FAQ’s or schedule test drive appointments, which saves time for the customer and sales specialist. The ChatBOT can escalate any time to the sales specialist allowing for a conversation with the customer to guide them around the website and provide the information they need. If the customer needs more help to show a particular car model or possibly an after service part for the vehicle, the specialist can upgrade them to a real time video chat which gives that same experience the customer would have within the dealership, with the customer being able to turn their camera on as well for that face to face engagement. A trust element with a video call leads to a more open and trusted conversation, which is why video calls have a significantly higher conversion rate to a sale. 

Investing in the right live engagement solution for your company is critical today and in the future as the car research, test drive and buying experience has changed forever. . Automotive manufacturers and dealerships need to adjust their way of doing business that allows for flexibility for the buyer. Live engagement solutions help prepare for the future of automotive buying today and for tomorrow. Car buying ways of the past are not with us anymore. Invest in a live engagement solution today and provide your customers with that “concierge” level of service they used to get in the brick and mortar world of yesterday.